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Previous user feedback articles have been very helpful, so I figured I'd continue the trend, possibly with weekly feedback articles looking at different topics/features. This one will be a little different, this one will focus on feedback for something that doesn't exist yet - but just might soon. With the helpdesk almost eliminated, and other long-term projects nearing completion finally, I'm looking forward to what can be worked on next. One thing I've wanted to pursue for some time is an android app, allowing users to play on their phone and further strengthening the community.

I'd like to hear from active users, what sort of things they'd like to see in an android app. As a basis, I believe it should use push notifications to provide alerts, and allow at least some basic level of viewing your information. Perhaps you'd like it to allow you to perform basic daily tasks and read media? Maybe you're super keen, and want to be able to play all aspects of the game from your phone (this would obviously be very long-term before the app would reach this point).

Please discuss in comments what your dream vNations android app would be capable of, and any other feedback you'd like to give on this topic.

Duststorm 46 Unread
17:26:35, 01/04/14 0
I love Java things are so much smoother
NoMoreHugs 84 Unread
11:32:03, 01/04/14 0
No need of apps for phone.

It`s just to make a good view for small screens and email notification for alerts :)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
20:43:29, 31/03/14 0
SirDude I just really dont like JS lol it's clunky and annoying, and often doesn't work right. Push notifications require the user to be actively on their PC and have vN open. Android notifications require them to have the app installed and have internet coverage.

I'm all for learning new things, but if I can't see the benefit to something then I have to consider if its worth investing the time into
SirDude 72 Unread
20:40:33, 31/03/14 1
Xavier Darkmyre That is easily solvable with push notifications - the increased engagement. No need to waste calories on Java.

Things are not randomly coupled. Things are in JS - a one language. You're just being conservative, which is not a good thinG.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
20:29:12, 31/03/14 0
SirDude So, you're saying instead of learning one language, I should learn a whole bunch of things randomly cobbled together? :P I don't really see any advantage that thing could offer.

For me the biggest advantage in an android app would come from increased engagement. If your company runs out of RM/cash, and you've got the app, you could be notified instantly, and a few taps later the problem is sorted. Etc etc.
SirDude 72 Unread
20:16:24, 31/03/14 0
@Xavier Darkmyre; this is not a simple framework of a language.. it's a -web- framework. Actually it runs with MongoDB. JSON. It's also NodeJS. With SocketJS. More than nuff said, might wanna look into it, some more, old man. ;)

Still android app sounds pointless. Better make a map.. fix this or that... rework stuff.

Warrior Of fortune 64 Unread
22:29:22, 30/03/14 0
I the president of the country and for me needs all options
Darkmyre 87 Unread
23:41:37, 29/03/14 0
SirDude I don't like frameworks, and that seems like a rather flimsy one... there's not to my knowledge any direct way for javascript to interact with a database or file system (by design of javascript), so its claims to be "pure javascript" and interact with a database are just plain rubbish ;)
Duststorm 46 Unread
19:57:22, 29/03/14 0
I wanna be able to play this game on my phone. This would be perfect.
Company management and easy to read newspaper format would be a must.
SirDude 72 Unread
18:29:48, 29/03/14 1
Android app sounds like a waste of time. The site is already responsive. That's more than enough.

When going for mobile apps developers should think - what's the user actually doing with your app when he is mobile ? He can't be organizing large scale maneuvers over the smartest of phones. He will be doing chores and communicating, a bit of multi tasking while being bored or stuck commuting, maybe.

So.. he is not going to need a specialized app for his mobile device. Just optimized view and that's it.

Xavier Darkmyre Instead of messing with Java, you should read about
Lord Matias 50 Unread
23:42:58, 28/03/14 0
I agree with Mass, information can be read later, but the app would prove most useful for those that are away from their computer when Day Change is imminent, even if it's only basic at first.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
21:52:32, 28/03/14 1
Sounds sweet, personally i'd like to see a quick and easy way to do daily tasks for now and perhaps extend it later
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