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Dear citizens of the vNations! We introduce you the pricelist of the hellenic products.

You may come to work in Hellas with a salary of 0.09GRD and no taxation and enjoy all the fruits of your labor, since we keep only a minor, virtually non existant profit.
Alternatively you may contact us about an exports deal. Recently we made a great deal with the US Army and we provided them with 500 brand new 0.50cal M2 Brownings (real pleasure to fire 'em) at the price of 65vbux only. This is even cheaper than our local prices!
I know it is very expensive to produce advanced products like T4 or T3, since they need a lot of vbux to upgrade and a lot of vbux for the raw material companies. All these costs are transfered to the final product, having as a result, the price to go sky high. Young underdeveloped nations may focus on cheap, basic products and come to a deal with us for the most advanced and expensive products. In the mid term it will be much more cheaper for them and their citizens will enjoy advanced products at low prices, this will encourage them to stay in the game as well.

Ammunition T3 5.56x45mm: 0.08 GRD (0.004 VBUX)
Ammunition T4 MG Clip: 0.12 GRD (0.006 VBUX)

Armour T3: 0.8 GRD (0.04 VBUX)

Weapon T3 Rifle: 1.6 GRD (0.08 VBUX)
Weapon T4 MG: 2.8GRD (0.14 VBUX)

Medicine T3 Antibiotics: 0.24 GRD (0.012 VBUX)

Residence T3 Villa: 60 GRD (3 VBUX)

Book T3 Manual: 0.48 GRD (0.024 VBUX)

Food T1 Bread: 0.32 GRD (0.016 VBUX)
Food T2 Pizza: 0.4 GRD (0.02 VBUX)

Beverage T1 Beer: 0.32 GRD (0.016 VBUX)

Transport: 0.2 GRD (0.01 VBUX)

Vehicle T2 Car: 4 GRD (0.2 VBUX)
Vehicle T3 Yacht: 24 GRD (1.2 VBUX)

Fuel: 0.08 GRD (0.004 VBUX)

Power: 0.16 GRD (0.008 VBUX)

elnef 82 Unread
06:25:27, 25/06/14 4
Metralla is the best greek chick! :P
neuroM 88 Unread
18:55:18, 24/06/14 2
Metralla u r hot babe :P
(Last Edited 18:55:31, 24/06/14)
Maguilao 89 Unread
18:49:40, 24/06/14 2
You are better looking than I thought, Metralla
Metralla 93 Unread
09:27:28, 24/06/14 2
Now that summer is comming, we also offer free ice creams!

Metralla 93 Unread
19:47:55, 30/03/14 0
We have a shitload of T3 weapons, If anyone interested we can make a great deal.
Metralla 93 Unread
22:22:09, 24/03/14 0
No doubt, Duststorm I am just proposing some beneficial deals for everyone!
Duststorm 46 Unread
22:00:52, 24/03/14 0
Okay, We get it the most effective market is a socialist one.
Quit rubbing it in our faces, some of us still want to be greedy capitalist.

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