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We are currently experiencing some technical issues with the VBX market, namely with it not actually crediting people's accounts with VBX or items they're purchasing. These issues are under investigation and will be fixed as quickly as possible. Until they are, anyone making a purchase should immediately raise a ticket so that their items or VBX can be manually processed. Darkmyre will be searching for the paypal email used to try and match up transactions to citizens, but if your paypal email is not the same as your registered email, you will need to raise a ticket to receive your items/VBX. An update will be made to this article once these issues are resolved.

MegaDooDooUkraineBattleHe 25 Unread
18:03:00, 17/05/14 0
must be cool
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
15:24:15, 13/04/14 1
Global Mod False.
Global Mod 10 Unread
00:17:23, 28/03/14 1
These issues have now been resolved.

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