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I'd like to get some feedback on the following idea. A form of this idea was discussed previously on the forum, however it has been a long time since and the idea has changed, so I'm after fresh feedback. Please use the thumbs up/down article voting to indicate whether you like/dislike this idea. This change would somewhat simplify the economy module without losing any of the content. It would also allow new and developing companies to establish a functional economy quicker, by drastically cutting the amount of companies needed to support the essential manufacturing industries.

Simplified Gathering Companies

The core of the idea would totally change the way gathering companies are structured. Instead of a separate company for each resource type, there would be only three. Working in any of these companies would continue to be based on the Gathering skill.

Farm: Farms would require Fertile Land, and allow a company to produce Chocolate, Fibers, Grain, Spice, Wood. Wood production would require a Forest in the same region, other crops could be planted at the manager's chosing.

Mine: Mines would require Mountains, and allow a company to produce Gold, Iron, Oil, Silicon, Zinc. Mines require a source of the resource they are producing.

Lab: Labs could be constructed anywhere, and allow a company to produce Cement, Chemicals, Paper, Plastic, Saltpeter, Steel. Labs can freely produce any of these items at the manager's choosing.

Resource Distribution

As you can see from the above, this would significantly change resource distribution. Mined resources would still be distributed as normal, and would only be present in regions with Mountains. A region may have one or more terrain types, initially limited to Fertile Land, Forest and Mountains. The system would be designed to allow for future expansion, both in terrain types and mineable resources.

Duststorm 46 Unread
21:40:35, 27/01/14 0
Would regions affect the crops? Or can I have a giant farm in the north pole.

What I would like is to be able to upgrade resource companies under this new system so they provide more resources the bigger they are. Please and thank you.
I have to agree with everyone else that it's just how the design of the company manager is what needs to be changed. I would like a group resource bank my finished products go to and that my other companies can use when needed without having to input the products directly. Also within the company manger I'd like to be able to access the market so I can compare prices. The price recommended thing that comes up now is never right. While your doing that why not have a graph option so I can see if I'm actually making monies or not.
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Metralla 93 Unread
00:08:57, 12/01/14 0
If new countries have ALL, but ALL T1 products in market, but in high prices and they are removed automatically once a company puts products in the market then I think playing in a starting country won't be that difficult.
Artificial Electronico 73 Unread
19:55:54, 11/01/14 0
I like the idea, the economic module needs some adjustments, and this is a good choice, as an old core player i could say this is not what i would prefer, but then i think about a newcomer and this will make our game simpler.
Also if the right things are implemented this could be a great idea.

Metralla 93 Unread
22:29:21, 06/01/14 1
Economy module and the game in general is not more complicated than the rest games.
Complicated is when something has complicated logic, not when it has many raw materials with the same logic.
I know Lord Matias, thinks the masses are so incapable of some sensible thinking etc.
I do not know If these changes will help the game or not. I just know economy module needs some changes to make it better, regardless complexity!

About new countries...I am irritated that Philippines is nagging about how hard is to start a country. Me and many other oldfags arround here built up our countries slowly overcoming many difficulties, when everything was more expensive, like MB costs or VBUX cost in real money. Without any workers' bonus, all vbux had to come from our pockets. It is difficult I know it but having challenges is all the joy in gaming.
So I do not think people do not play or leave because it is hard or complex, compared to other games of course.
Maguilao 89 Unread
19:20:49, 06/01/14 1
Agreed with Massino.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
17:59:50, 06/01/14 2
Darkmyre nah man don't blame yourself, visualising is much harder than the actual coding imo, we just need to shape it again and again
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Diabl0 73 Unread
17:26:25, 06/01/14 0
I like it.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
17:24:34, 06/01/14 0
Massino Yeah, the company manager didn't turn out anywhere near as good as I'd hoped. I am teh suck at design :(
z78sabjan 94 Unread
17:20:20, 06/01/14 0
i think most of us love to have so many different raws and products, it's just how we manage them. to me: moving your own resources between companies could be much easier and simple. i could imagine a much more understandable and managable "dashboard" for the company manager too.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
16:17:00, 06/01/14 0
A common complaint is that the economy module is too complex, I thought this was a way we could reduce some of the complexity of it, without losing any functionality. It seems its a bad idea though, so nevermind.
Pixelator 20 Unread
11:08:54, 06/01/14 0
Hi Sir userDarkmyre well I played This game because there's a lot of Futures and Realistic that's why I keep on playing this game. Well About that New Economy Module well FOR ME It's Good but I think we dont need to implement that yet.About Economy I think you need to prioritize the a Country with a Low Players/Users by Giving more bonus to them or something. And Even if the Country is not a Protected Nation I think they need to received some bonus also.

PS : Please add one region to us that named as Palawan it is under Luzon and on the left side of Visayas :) In other game like this they have Palawan but here there's no XD
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z78sabjan 94 Unread
22:32:08, 05/01/14 0
I tell you why there is so many negative votes, because no one wants to play FG here!!! :)
I mean this simplification would bring us several steps closer to FG, it looks like it does, and I don't really like it either.

It seems to me that the main goal of this change would be to:
- simplify the economy :: why?
- make it easier for developing countries to build their economy :: again why? i mean with only a few people of course it's hard to build an economy, but even with 40-50players/nation it's already not too hard to do it, i think we shouldn't adjust the game to a few people/nation

Of course if you think that this change would bring more players because it's easier for them to start a new country then I support it, but I can't really see the connection
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