Kinek az oldalán állnál szívesebben? 26 votes

Országos felmérés 6 0

Nemzeti felmérés az Amerikai-Bolgár konfliktust illetően

Duststorm 46 Unread
21:31:27, 27/01/14 1
Like a Hungarian and USA alliance maybe? We can take over the world. Muhahaha
z78sabjan 94 Unread
20:57:51, 27/01/14 0
:)) hey Duststorm how you doing? nah on the contrary, we are very good friends with the bulgarians still, the problem is that recently we are in a much better relationship to the US as well... So in the end we would have had to turn against one of you which we didn't want to if it's not absolutely necessary.

Though it turned out it wasn't a serious thing so we haven't really joined to either side officially, and remained allied to both of you. Btw i talked to the bulgarians and they are just bored that nothing's happening, which i can't really blame them for, perhaps some new changes will bring some changes in the balance
Duststorm 46 Unread
19:47:19, 27/01/14 0
That is true because I seen your poll. =O
And I am saddened by Hungary's lack of support for USA.
Arn't you tried of being bullied by Bulgarian might?
z78sabjan 94 Unread
19:32:15, 04/01/14 0
nehany amcsi betamogatott egy arab tamadast egy vitatott nemet regio ellen, a jogos kovetelesnek hangot adva bolgarok kialltak a nemet oldal mellett es hadat uzentek az usanak

roviden es tomoren :)
Diabl0 73 Unread
17:35:55, 04/01/14 0
Nem tudom miről van szó, úgyhogy majd ütök ott ahol a kormány mondja.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
13:46:16, 04/01/14 0
true m8, i'll make a ticket soon! Also there should be some official government articles, which could be seen only by the citizens of a country
darki 89 Unread
13:43:36, 04/01/14 0
Országos felmérés - National Survey(

Massino your article gave me idea about such poll to have option be able to vote only players with a local citizenship, Now anyone who has sub for your paper may vote, It is now an international survey :D

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