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In light of recent events Hungary asks the involved parties in this open letter to please explain the current situation. By the look it seems that the USA is started a silent invasion against Germany, using The Divine Empire of Arabia as a front country. If our intel is correct, by now the US declared war on Germany. Although there has been no coordinated defense till know but of course both sides has been supported by their respective allies.

Since we are in good relations with all of you we would like to avoid an unnecessary conflict if possible.

Sincerely, the Hungarian Government

Az utobbi esemenyek miatt Magyarorszag ebben a nyilt levelben keri a resztvevoket hogy magyarazzak el a kialakult helyzetet. Ranezesre ugy tunik hogy az Egyesult Allamok egy csendes invaziot inditott Nemetorszag ellen, Arabiat felhasznalva. Ha az ertesuleseink pontosak, mostanra Amerika hadat uzent a nemeteknek. Habar eddig nem tortent koordinacio a vedelemben, termeszetesen mindket oldal szovetsegesei bekapcsolodtak.

Mivel mindharom fellel jo viszonyt apolunk, szeretnenk elkerulni a felesleges konfliktust ha lehetseges.

Koszonettel, a Magyar Kormany

Duststorm 46 Unread
19:04:31, 29/01/14 0
@Metralla Truthfully American history has tons of accounts of Americans being bullies. I mean just look and see what we did to the natives. Of course we made up for all the small pox blankets. By giving them their own country to put casinos on. =D
starscream010101 1 Unread
11:37:05, 02/01/14 0

Mr. X 84 Unread
21:21:27, 01/01/14 1
Aryan called me Bush II??!!! ROFL
I'm not even American IRL :P
Bush is from Texas - I'm nowhere near him! :P
Wouldn't know how to wear cowboy hat and to ride a bull or to drill oil ;)

But I propose a nice little duel between you and me Aryan.
Just like two cowboys should do. ;)
Nice little "one on one" fight for Corsica - just you and me - use weapon of your choice !
If I win, J.A.C. gets Corsica - if you win - I'll put on German colors and become law abiding citizen of vGermany (under one condition tho: from the moment I join and on: all communication in german chat channels has to be in English - US English with Texas accent please!) :P
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Booms 90 Unread
14:54:38, 01/01/14 2
Biggles in IRL most of USA citizens are not Americans (native) at all. :P

Biggles 87 Unread
00:54:38, 01/01/14 0
Thank you Metralla

And keep in mind most of vUSA citizens aren't even Americans IRL. Hell, I think I'm one of the few.
Metralla 93 Unread
23:57:37, 31/12/13 0
vUSA has nothing to do with bullying in its history or whatsoever that can be linked to RL behaviours.
Bad_Grandpa 86 Unread
18:03:00, 31/12/13 0
"Let's start new 2014 with one nice global colonial war :) "

+2 :)
neuroM 88 Unread
12:28:31, 31/12/13 0
"Let's start new 2014 with one nice global colonial war :) "

+1 :)
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
03:01:33, 31/12/13 0
I always find it adorable when others feel the need to bring RL politics into a game.
Booms 90 Unread
00:38:06, 31/12/13 2
Let's start new 2014 with one nice global colonial war :)
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
22:31:46, 30/12/13 0
Oh...One more thing: When we occupied Corsica The Divine Empire wasn't on the map. Do you know why JAC? Oh...excuse me....you don't have a clue....maybe because you don't have anything to do with Arabia. I'll tell you why. Because your regions were already since 2011 colonies of Israel, a pretty powerfull country back there....
O tempora...
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
22:24:10, 30/12/13 0
I could try to bring back the french president who agreed to give us Corsica, but why should i? X would say that this player wasn't the real president back over there, more then 1 year, ago, or that his account was hacked. So...it's pretty useless
But I don't understand two things:
- first of all why should i justify something to you, X? Are you some sort of ''Leader'' of the New World Order? Some Bush II in virtual world? Are you going to send your ''drones'' in the manner that your compatriots are doing in the RL? I think this was goin' to far. Are you threatening us, X??!!!
- second....what's to justify? Corsica was our colony. We took it in Jan. 2012 and we gave it to Italy, our allies, 2 months later. When the world was reseted France had it back. It took us some time to retook all our colonies and Arabia occupied it. We fought for France, but France lost the island. And one month later we took it back. All the countries retook their colonies. What's here to justify?!
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Maguilao 89 Unread
18:21:35, 30/12/13 0
As it has been said, it was a merge. If the article is not enough, there is also this print of the law proposal, made by SA: http://i.imgur.com/GDpZyat.png
You can also personally ask Kassandra or Sandra, the most active SA citizens.
Mr. X 84 Unread
17:46:19, 30/12/13 0
Aryan fighter You keep saying Corsica is nor Arabia's territory but it's French territory.
It was Arabia's territory when you attacked it!
They took it before you. They don't have agreement with France.
Do you have that kind of agreement?
Can you present it to all of us?

If you can - then some of J.A.C.'s friends from vUSA are ready to recognize vGermany as rightfull owner of Corsica.
Otherways we will support Arabia in it's future attempts to get Corsica back.

James A. Conrad 87 Unread
17:33:59, 30/12/13 0
Once again, Aryan fighter put his foot in his mouth...South Africa undertook a peaceful merger with Brazil. You can read about it here: http://www.vnations.net/news.php?id=2469

...killing me.
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
15:43:42, 30/12/13 0
Maguilao tell me something about the regions of South Africa....then i'll give your statement :)
Artificial Electronico 73 Unread
14:35:37, 30/12/13 0
Viva la France!
z78sabjan 93 Unread
02:57:01, 30/12/13 0
:) Metralla hey m8, haven't heard from you for a long time
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Metralla 93 Unread
22:52:50, 29/12/13 0
Massino We are allied and friends with everyone, like the Royal families before the great war!
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
22:41:38, 29/12/13 0
Aryan fighter If it is French Territory, then why not release it? And all other French territory?
Maguilao 89 Unread
21:44:18, 29/12/13 1
I'd really like to read an official statement by Germany's government regarding the many countries they erased. That is an issue that really bothers me personally and that bothers our country too. As I have said recently to Oceania's government, I see no problem in taking some colonies by force (it is a war game, afterall). But I totally opose the total erasure (not leaving any remaining original region) of other countries, specially when they still don't have established themselves as developed countries.
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
21:28:04, 29/12/13 0
The attack against vCroatia was a regretable mistake that was done before the nomination of the actual cabinet. I'm very sorry about that but i cannot do anything about this. I don't know what is with that canadian region - maybe it's an old story, too. I'm sory about that, too, although i don't know anything about this. But in the question of Corsica.....THIS WAS OUR COLONY and SO WILL REMAIN. I must repeat CORSICA IS NOT AN ARABIAN TERRITORY, IT'S A FRENCH REGION
Mr. X 84 Unread
20:57:58, 29/12/13 2
As a member of US government and one of active participants of the battle for Corsica I hereby state as follows:

1) vUSA has no need for any additional region and has no desire to acquire one (nor by conquering it or gain it via diplomacy)

2) In the recent past vGermany attacked one of vCanadian regions that is considered to be original vUSA region (according to vUSA - Poland peace treaty). The Government of vGermany did not respond to diplomatic messages so vUSA had to take control over vGerman occupied region by force.
Since then our diplomatic relations have improved to the point that we even became allied.

3) In the mean time some other countries (Croatia for example) experienced unprovoked act of war from vGermany too! vGermany is obviously prone to use force rather than use diplomacy.

4) Neither me or other vUSA citizens that took part in the battle for Corsica acted as members of vUSA Army. We acted as J.A.C.'s friends. For that reason we asked POTUS to declare war on vGermany - so we could fight on the right side of battle front ;) In this case vGermany is considered to be a bully nation because they attacked and conquered Corsica without previous consulting with Corsica's owner (Saudi Arabia)! (Warning would do too)! :D

5) vUSA citizens will continue to support Saudi Arabia trying to regain it's region, while vUSA officialy does not interfere in this conflict in any way.
vUSA Government expect other countries to act the same way.

Booms 90 Unread
17:37:36, 29/12/13 0
Just to remind you. Few months ago Germany declare war and invade Croatia in our colony in Saudi Arabia (Tabuk) without any warning. And we was allies before that. http://www.vnations.net/military/war.php?action=info&bid=4343
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z78sabjan 93 Unread
16:46:42, 29/12/13 0
I think this answers the question, though raising even more. First I'd like to say that we wasn't going to escalate things even further, but we had to know what's happening. After reading all side's viewpoints it's hard to tell who is right, and to be honest I don't want to. I think this is a dispute between The Divine Empire of Arabia and Germany which has to be settled by you.

As an ally to both parties Hungary is in a hard situation. We are obliged to help, but in a conflict against each other we won't be able to fulfil that of course. Therefore Hungary "officially" will stay neutral at this point for as long as it won't escalate further, in which case we will reassess the situation. In reality our soldiers are allowed to choose sides, but there won't be any coordinated action.

We have to consider our goals, many people mentioned a new world conflict hoping that it would bring a new excitement. If that's the case then we are on the right track, and I can say my fellows and me are ready to do some action :), otherwise the best would be if you guys could sit down and negotiate what would be acceptable to both of you
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Michael Johannson 73 Unread
14:49:55, 29/12/13 0
James A. Conrad:

3. Acceptable Content

All user-submitted content is expected to be free from: Racism or other discrimination or insults, Pornography, excessive profanities, or accusations of violating these rules. Any content that contains any of the above may be removed at any time, and temporary or permanent bans may be issued to repeated or extreme offenders.

You should know it better. The only thing I want is that you apologize for these defamations and insults! That would be quite appropriate.

Regarding the issue of corsica I think previous speakers have said enough.

Cosica: Conquered by Germany on Jan 29th, 2012

Bad_Grandpa 86 Unread
13:18:16, 29/12/13 0
war war war :D
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
13:07:30, 29/12/13 0
Let's be clear about something, Michael Johannson, I check a few IP's and am available whenever he needs me help, because I want the game to grow. But by no means am I a representative of the game and more or less than you are. It is sad that you have nothing to argue on, so you assume that pulling the Moderator card will distract everyone from the facts.

And here are the facts:

Corsica was an old German colony? Tough. I took it from an INACTIVE vFrance that you also hold territory from. If you pretend to defend vFrance, then release all territory from them, and attack Hungary, for they also hold vFrench territory.

I know you won't, though. Instead you'll find something unrelated to talk about. Sad.
Posytron 23 Unread
09:21:16, 29/12/13 0
as our MoFA said - we don't want war. We can help the Divine Empire if they need resources or something. But Corsica was and is our colony
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
07:39:01, 29/12/13 1
yeah...but some time ago Corsica was our colony....it doesn't matter. As i said...if the emperor, worker, soldier and diplomat of Saudi Arabia wants THE SAME RESOURCES FROM CORSICA THAT HE ALREADY HAS....we'll give him what he wants.
Biggles 87 Unread
06:51:16, 29/12/13 0
Michael Johannson if your presuming James promised the vUS something then you're wrong. He did ask for my help as well as other vUS members in regaining Corsica that was taken away from Arabia a month ago, that's it. The battle history shows all the events that occurred.
Michael Johannson 73 Unread
04:03:46, 29/12/13 5
James A. Conrad

"...I hate that you try to spread your bullshit to educated people."

I interpret it that you present myself as uneducated. That is a indecent and shouldn't be a usual procedure from a moderator which is a representative of vNation.

"What sucks for you is that the vWorld will see right through you."

This is a defamation of my person. I only show my point of view. If you can't handle it, then you don't have to make assumptions.

" I seriously feel like a fat kid is preaching to me on the evils of obesity. How ridiculous."

The same as above. As a representative of vNation you should select your words carefully.

In your own articel there are also some untenable accusations. Like this one:

"You fight for dishonorable tyrants..."

"you all come out losers because you are exposed for the nation of dishonorable and deceiving scum that you are."

I assume that many don't wand/can imagine such a moderator as a representative of Vnation. Every representive should take his choice of words carefully and don't attack any peoples, nations or persons with condescendingly words.Even if you said it as a player, it makes the whole thing not better.
(Last Edited 04:11:34, 29/12/13)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
03:42:15, 29/12/13 1
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
03:13:16, 29/12/13 0
Incredible that Michael Johannson speaks of a diplomatic route, but instead of asking me about Corsica, they just attack it.

I am going to say this one more time, Michael, because you are clearly challenged.


Good god man, surely you can't be so dumb to realize what you are saying? I seriously feel like a fat kid is preaching to me on the evils of obesity. How ridiculous.
Michael Johannson 73 Unread
03:02:37, 29/12/13 5
James A. Conrad It's funny you know that you really think you have a greater right to conquer Corsica. Of course all Germans are lying and in the reality you know so many evil Germans...

Don't be so ridiculous. As I said before you are only ONE person who would benefit from Corsica. I think the German Goverment wouldn't mind if a active country with a community ask for a region as long as they are friendly and allied with Germany.

The Diving Empire of Arabia has neither the one nor the other. Besides war, there would be a further solution to solve the problem. It's called the diplomatic way. It's maybe harder to find a compromise at the end, but both sides could benefit from it. At the end you possibly would get Corsica but have to sign a Free Trade agreement or something else. So both sides could live with it. But now you took the way of a war which can not solve the problem. It's only destroy friendships and hope.
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
02:33:05, 29/12/13 1
You're hilarious, Michael Johannson Let's not forget. YOU INVADED ME.


It's incredible that it is OK for you to hold their territory, but not me.

You're a hypocrite, Michael, and I hate that you try to spread your bullshit to educated people. What sucks for you is that the vWorld will see right through you.
Michael Johannson 73 Unread
02:26:51, 29/12/13 4
James A. Conrad Isn't it pathetic to think you've have a greater right to own Corsica? Tell me who would benefit from Corsica in The Divine Empire of Arabia? Actually only you, because you are the only player in your country.

You really want to tell us that Germany is the main agressor and all Germans are evil? Come on. Only because you didn't get what you wanted, you started a war and declared Germany and its allies to rogue states or like George W. Bush said:"a Axis of Evil."

Before The Divine Empire of Arabia would get a region I would give Belgium or Luxembourg a region, because they've the population and they take the diplomatic way and don't start immediately a war.
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
01:55:15, 29/12/13 1
Please read my explanation here:


And from there the vWorld will be exposed to this German lie.
Michael Johannson 73 Unread
01:21:59, 29/12/13 2
First I want to thank you all for your help to win this battle. It was really thrilling if Germany and his great allies can defend the enemies, but in the end all of you stand together and now we can celebrate a great vicotry.

Hooray, Hooray the victory is ours! =)

Biggles I don't think the only reason for this war was to help The Divine Empire of Arabia. Maybe the US goverment was looking for a new enemy, because they have been get bored. And what helps more than a nice war against a other country to mobilize its citizens.

And also, why should help the USA a one men country without any self interest? Is it really worth to start a war for only one player?
The only question is what did James A. Conrad promise the US goverment?

P.S.: Vote & Sub
(Last Edited 01:30:33, 29/12/13)
Booms 90 Unread
00:25:45, 29/12/13 1
signed JohnnyNT
Martin Eriksson 17 Unread
00:04:52, 29/12/13 1
shame on you, USA!
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
23:27:56, 28/12/13 6
Corsica is not an arabian region. More than this, Corsica is an old german colony that we lost to Italy long time ago (maybe when Arabia was not a divine empire). Originally, Corsica belongs to France and we reached an agreement with the last french active president that we'll GUARANTEE THE SECURITY of the french core regions (Ile-de-France, Champagne-Ardenne and Limousin (where we'll stage a revolt against the zombies for France) inside of our borders.
We didn't want that Arabia wanted so much this region. If this is the only reason of the war, we can naturally reach an agreement with the only citizen of the divine empire for some wanted resources.(eventually preferencial exports...etc)
Biggles 87 Unread
22:51:17, 28/12/13 0
Corsica was a territory taken from The Divine Empire of Arabia by Germany about a month ago. They merely asked our help in taking it back.

That said, I stayed neutral, there is more diplomatic ways of resolving this matter.

Since The US is allied to both nations, and in order to help Arabia we had to change our stance with Germany. (This is speculation from my part)
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
22:38:57, 28/12/13 4
it's pretty simple: The Divine Empire declared us war (and i received a friendship request from the Emperor (sic!) ) and the only citizen of the Empire did his best (Jet attack). Our defence force responded and the situation was under control till Stormbringer (in that moment a government member of an allied country) attacked us too. Our president tried to keep open a communication channel with the american government, but we didn't received anything. I wrote later a message to dalmatiko - the president of vUSA asking for some clarifications, but in vain. Later (after more american attacks) we received the automatic message that vUSA had changed the diplomatic status with us to war. We didn't receive till now any official statement nor any reason for the war. What can i say after such a day is that the spirit of Golf of Pigs invasion didn't die in the american soul
Proud to have such good fighters and such good friends around, there's nothing more to say but
neuroM 88 Unread
20:48:05, 28/12/13 2
As a concerned vcitizen, I hope this conflict will escalate and turn into vworld war.

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