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It's 9pm Christmas Eve here in 'mission control', AUSTR. That means it's time for me to start organizing christmas gifts for my family, sleep, then eat drink and be merry. Accordingly I'll be essentially offline from now until this time on the 26th.

No matter what you're celebrating at this time of year, I hope you all have a very happy safe and prosperous holiday season.

James A. Conrad 87 Unread
13:00:31, 01/01/14 0
Banging out updates huh? Kind of like I banged your m....

Never mind.

Darkmyre 87 Unread
08:52:57, 01/01/14 0
The crazy season is finally over. Give me till about daychange to sober up and clear my head, and then I'll be back and banging out some new updates.
Siscador 87 Unread
14:55:27, 27/12/13 0
Merry christmas dude o/
Merry christmas to all :D
kryptonian 16 Unread
06:57:27, 27/12/13 0
Merry Christmas and a happy new year... :)
Metralla 93 Unread
22:19:30, 24/12/13 0
JohnyNT I see you Milankovic!:P

Thank you for the presents Santa Darkmyre!!! I was such a good boy this year:)
maiself 78 Unread
17:17:10, 24/12/13 0
Create all the Multies !
neuroM 88 Unread
14:18:57, 24/12/13 2
Merry Christmas! (I will have to wait 7. January to celebrate Christmas, but that's not a reason to stay sober and not-merry tommorow). \o/
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
14:04:53, 24/12/13 0
Merry Christmas buddy, God Bless.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
13:21:18, 24/12/13 0
Merry Christmas
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ZAPGR 76 Unread
12:28:45, 24/12/13 0
Merry christmas
Marnix Maximus 47 Unread
10:30:31, 24/12/13 0
Merry christmas :)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
10:29:18, 24/12/13 1
Issomad Well, I bought them a few hours ago when the shops were (barely) open still... now is time for wrapping and such.

Also, I forgot to mention - as with previous years, anyone who logs in on day 298 will be given a special Gift item that they can open to receive a random reward, including VBX.
Issomad 87 Unread
10:17:40, 24/12/13 0
A little bit late to buy christmas gifts ;)

But ... Merry Christmas ...

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