Now that I've got your attention....

I'd like to gather some feedback from the community to help me determine the best path forward into the new year. Overall the core of the game is working well, there are still some bugs but consistently the lowest amount we've had all year. And yet, we don't seem to be growing well, and a lot of people who do find us soon leave. There's obviously either something missing, or something wrong - and the first step to solving any problem is identifying it.

So I'd like to ask - what is it you personally think should be added, changed, removed, etc, to make this the best social strategy game on the net? No matter how outlandish it seems, no matter if you think it would be possible or not - if you could add, change or remove any one thing about the game right now, what would it be?

Please also take the time to read other people's comments, and +1 any ideas you would like to see.

And for those of you who read this far waiting for the title to be true:

Action List:
- Add government position to support new players.
- Review the tutorial and ensure it is up to date. Make the current wiki tutorial more easily accessible.
- Have translators assist in translating the tutorial to as many languages as possible.
- Complete the Military Commendations (personal military achievements).
- Allow soldiers to choose the side they fight on
- Review Electronics, Plastic, Gold and Silicone
- Finish naval and sports module

Emilinero 94 Unread
03:48:56, 29/12/13 2
Putting aside some new ideas, already-planned features or even some minor functional&graphical bugs to be fixed, for me there are TWO BIG issues to be well-tuned in this game:

+++ The GRAPHICAL LAYOUT & INTERFACE. With respect to this issue, vNations is lagging behind the present web games' standards: colorful, dinamic, animated, interactive, etc. Moreover, if the game is map-based, there should be a great interactive map. Also, please, extend the ajaxification process.

+++ The HELP & TUTORIAL SYSTEM. I think there should be a well-tuned two-tier help system:
a) The first one focused exclusively on newbies: the tutorial or initial guide, that would be activated at first login and it would be followed (step by step) by the newbie at his/her first navigation session around the site. Of course, NOT a video tutorial but a real navigation guide system in a stop&go manner, with emerging textboxes, arrows and highlights on every essential feature. That is, an INTERACTIVE GUIDE.

b) The second one is for everyone: the WIKI. I think the Wiki could be structured in two levels: the core and the info extensions.

- The WIKI CORE: Developed and maintained exclusively by Admins and Developers (the english version) and Official Translators (the rest of languages). The WIKI CORE should be always updated. At this level of Wiki the displayed info (along the articles) could be:
-> The whole info showed on the interactive guide for newbies, but without interactivity, just pictures and texts relating the pointed feature. The displayed info should be as full as possible.
-> The rest of information not appearing on the interactive guide but fully operative to the game (remember, the interactive guide would only show the essential info. Things like organizations or managing companies could be kept aside from this guide). Also, with useful pictures and texts and fully informative. Examples for such info: Skills (labour, physical and militar) and their relationships, Elections operative, Diplomacy stances, Parties mechanics, Industries with their relationships, Marketplace (products & Raw Material details), achievements info, etc.
-> The rest of information not being operative at the front-end by any player but useful to them for taking the possibility to extend the game experience: formulae, regions & nations registry and basic info, the API, etc.

- The WIKI EXTENSIONS: Developed and maintained by the community of players around de vNations. These set of articles could be a wiki space for placing info relating to vHistory events, great global issues to be registered, epic fails, Alliances, Governmental Statements' Registry, Treaties, paramilitar groups, vNations' milestones, famous quotes from citizens, memorable screenshots, tricks&tips, advices and, why not, personality cult.

Many of the features and issues mentioned in this pbulication and other articles or even the help desk are full of sense. But all they are variable, subjectivable. They could be or could not be finally on the game. However, a social online game with a minimal graphical component should have the two features mentioned here very well-tuned and designed. They are a "must".
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Maguilao 89 Unread
08:06:56, 24/12/13 0
It has already been answered by many people, but I will leave my two cents nevertheless. I think the most important things are:

- Improve the UI
- Add map
- Finish the sport module

I think the players can help with these issues, and are willing to. Socrate has good ideas for the sport module, for example.
tavsura 84 Unread
07:35:27, 24/12/13 0
-completed sport module
-creation companies (admin) in each country, for job newcomer even in the “dead” country (999 workplaces)
-del fishing module
-del lottery
-add map
-redesign games
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Metralla 93 Unread
21:11:11, 23/12/13 1
James A. Conrad Thanx for the title! use avatar plz
I think Kaad is on the spot! When I started the game in Spain, I also fell to under 50 health 50 happiness, I do not blame Spain, I just decided not to liquidize much vbux and faced the consequences. It is impossible to have players with 20 productivity and 200 and both to be not very underproductive or very overproductive and all satisfied. If everyone has everything then there is no trade and therefore no economy. When we started building our country, things were very difficult but people were determined and we didn't think that something in rules is unfair.
I have tried another similar game some days ago and I found it complicated. I do not think our rules are complicated since many of them are simple square logic imho, maybe interface or the lack of tutorial/wiki and bugs magnifies the prob.
Darkmyre You should try to do some maths and some simulations how for example productivity/wealth/needs of a player may progress as he plays the game, what is the balance of products/work skills etc. alot of math I tell you, but relatively simple.
My suggestions are on the forum. I will just point out some important for me:
1-Different roles for vehicles instead of just T6 and T9 rifles that are now.
2-If someone fights against official alliances he may lose political rights and positions at once for 2 months for example. I would be horny for civil wars, military coups etc.
3-MB should support more complex armies like regiments battalions companies, airforce, navy etc. If my MB has 200 soldiers it is difficult to supply them all with the exact ammounts they need etc + so much workload for 3 persons If we have really large armies.
4-Orgs should allow you to make private military units, it is a community's idea that was incorporated succesfully in other games.
5-Graphs, I would like to see Fallout-like graphs, that are simple, funny, with character. I do not like 3D ultra graphics in a browser game.
6-Personal military achievements, succesfull uprisings for example.

The game was much more popular in the past with worst rules and UI.
neuroM 88 Unread
19:12:14, 23/12/13 7
Dammit, no nude chicks... Cheaters...

But, since I am already here (and I am somehow directly or indirectly in websites and programming things), few suggestions:

1.) Important thing - visual look (everywhere on the website) - yep, you need money for high quality graphic professional, but you can do lot of things yourself (even with little talent) - for example: colors. Everything is (light) grey, too serious, somehow boring, sincerly - it looks like some business website (as a web guy, I see that damn Bootstrap everywhere, mask it :) ). Some moderate use of other colors, gradients, round corners, could make game much more appealing. And that requires only CSS modifications. Also, you could find and put some free graphic elements (images) here and there. Of course, you can't compet with high-budget games (fg), but you can make it much more appealing than it is now. I think this is one of the most important problems in vNations. And one more thing, someone mentioned AJAX - sure, there could be more of it, but with better visual look - current level of ajax is acceptable.

2.) Remove features that are not very useful, or isn't doint anything useful, except making UI more complex (fishing?) and spaming it. Merge some features, for example: laws and congress (mix UI somehow), because congress page just displays current congresmens and not doing anything useful. Of course, that is not only thing (company tabs, goverment etc.). Both UI and UX are weak side of this game.

3.) I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think there is few web programming/design involved players (as me, for example). You could ask for help, or just "publish" some tasks that should be done on helpdesk (maybe CSS/JS bug fixes/improvements). I would be glad to help when I can, for free of course. Massino did a great job with those graphics for market and some more things.

Well, that's it from me (for now), sorry for bad english and typos, I am a little bit in a hurry, but I'm sure you get the point.
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Kaad 22 Unread
18:38:09, 23/12/13 0
And also let me say, you (the moderator) is really a plus for that game! You interact with people and you keep them active! Thank you for that thing we never find in other games.
Kaad 22 Unread
18:36:25, 23/12/13 1
I will share my experience about that beacause I'm a pretty new player.

I started in August. I was quite at 50 health and 70 happyness. I thought about leaving the game because it was impossible to survive.

I decided to buy greek money from the market and I moved there. I got a job, started to work to buy food and beer. I spent all my vBux to be at 100/100, have some books to read and study and buy a house.

Now, after 4 month, I'm able to buy tiket to move and fight. I'm still not able to buy weapons because I don't earn enough. I think it is very good to have this difficulty, have to make choices.

But since only few countries have a good market, the players from other countries are in trouble and their newbies are leaving.
Piochenz 76 Unread
18:19:05, 23/12/13 1
Add the map. The strategy game without a map is like a fisherman without a rod. It makes no sense.
" Review Electronics, Plastic, Gold and Silicone" and housing, vehicles, chocolate, food T3, T3 and T1 drinks, zinc.
Give a reward for daily login.
Give some strategic goals to be achieved by the nations.
Let's global project, the UN or something.
Mr. X 84 Unread
18:17:24, 23/12/13 0
It's not true new players cannot survive in the beginning!
I personally took care over dozen new players while I was POTUS - gifting them with $30-50 USD, gifting them with 10 t1 food and a lot of other things (including t1 houses), seting their wage 3-4 times higher than normal, opening jobs for them according to their preffered skills manu/gathering/building - (for example normal wage was 0.11 usd, I used to pay them 0.3 usd/ pp).
Also send them PM explaining they can ask any additional help they might need.
Guess what - most of them left after a week or so (some even before) without even saying thanks and goodbye or explaining why they leave so soon.

And if I remember correct (it was long time ago when I was new to this game) new players gain vbx pretty fast, and there is Sara to guide them too?

Something else makes new players leave so soon - IDK what it is, but I'm pretty positive it isn't that they feel lost in the beginning. :(
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James A. Conrad 87 Unread
17:32:44, 23/12/13 1
1.) Give the organization some value. Let us "link" our companies to our organizations so we can have a central place to store raw materials, or have a player driven bank, or store paramilitary supplies etc etc

2.) Fire Xavier and place me as leader of vNations.

3.) Try something new, like re-create our world into a medieval land or fantasy countries. Do something ridiculous, so ridiculous that it may just work.

4.) Add in cities or other forms of state organizations that allow for more *ownership* of a region. Elect Mayors or Governors and allow them to represent you at a regional scale.

5.) Allow private infrastructure. Give players the ability to hire workers to build them their own tank factory (with government permission?) or actually limit the amount of "space" that there is in a region and make the land own able so that if you want to own a grain farm then you must actually have land and equipment.

6.) Quit letting Xavier start drinking before lunch every day.

7.) Customization to the character page. Allow players to do something/anything to make them appear different from others. A short bio, color schemes, anything.

8.) Don't allow Metralla to keep acting like a philosopher all the time.

9.) Customization of weapons. Different amounts of materials should have different products. If you want a heavily armored tank that is slower, then it will be incredibly expensive. If you want to support a renegade country but in a limited way, give them poor quality rifles that can only be used once, with one bullet. If someone is willing to spend a lot of RL money on the game so they can have the fastest jet in the game that costs tons of vBux in just fuel, let them.

10.) Keep things new. The zombie thing was fun and new, we need more stuff like that. Bad winter storms does something to roads, or a really hot day ruins half the stock of food on the market. Or an international border incident has occurred between France and Germany which has thrust them into battle over region X. GM led situations can be fun and exciting.

Pixelator 20 Unread
17:01:19, 23/12/13 0
Hi This is Just my suggestion,
- How About if we will add Vice Presidential Election?
- How about if we will create a Contest for the Best Picture Ads
- How about if we will Post the Picture Ads on the Top Social Networking Sites?
- Adding a Minister of Education to Guide the Players
- Having a Judiciary that will tell if the Proposal is Unconstitutional or Constitutional
- Giving a Player a starter vBux when they get started
- Adding a proposal to President that can change the Name of his Ministry such as Minister to Department something like that.
- Adding a Law Proposal for President to donate money to another Country/Organization
- Giving a Country a Starter Organization

That's My Suggestion Tnx.!
darki 89 Unread
16:25:25, 23/12/13 0
joao97 you mean to be a traitor to his country xD, actual countries have millions of citizens and if 5-10 do such a thing would be 0.01 % of the overall population also in real battles real people die and is no ''save game'' option or where to write the ticket xD
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joao97 68 Unread
16:08:55, 23/12/13 0
In the real world a solider can perfectly switch side in a war and international commitments still have value
darki 89 Unread
15:45:24, 23/12/13 1
''..Fighting on the side given by the government is really a plus for the game if the government were active to manage stances...''

I agree here with Kaad because if each person can choose which side to take part in the battle then any international arrangements between governments will have no value, when players elect a president and congressmen they choose to support the policy of their elected representatives.
Issomad 87 Unread
15:40:51, 23/12/13 0
I don't think the game is very complex ... not for experienced browser-gamer ...
The basic functions for VN-life are obvious. If you want to be entrepreneur, you should have a little bit skill and this is good ...

If you look at frisbee-golf, they destroyed the game-mechanics by simplifying it and created a lot of 2-clicker-players (and a great problem with multis). The worst idea was to reduce the number of raws.

Keep our economy module and make only little changes to improve the game mechanics.

P.S.: Players should not be able to fight against their government. This would make them to terrorists and then you would need features to punish them ...
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Kaad 22 Unread
14:53:43, 23/12/13 2
I must disagree with some points.

Fighting on the side given by the government is really a plus for the game if the government were active to manage stances.

Definitly, a new player can't survive without selling vbux and moving to a country with a market in place. I still have problems to buy tikets to fightdaily.

A new graphic style should be a priority: more fluid, more colors.

The strengh of that game is that you can do what you want. You are not forced to be a military player. Use that.

You should manage admin companies and curency market (ia) to allow players buying food and beer with their salary. A good new feature could also be working in exchange of stuff (food, weap,...)

Give power to the state! State companies, state military supply pack, state auto economic supplies.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
12:59:16, 23/12/13 0
I've added an 'Action List' under the naked chick, that I'll update as people provide more feedback. These points will be my focus for January (in addition to bug fixes of course), in the order they're listed.
joao97 68 Unread
12:50:37, 23/12/13 3
Baed on my personal experience dealing with noobs, their main difficulties are:

-They don't earn enough money to buy essential products such as food, beverage an books. They allways ask "Can the government give us some supplies?" that's why I gave the idea of the ministery of youth.
-They don't understand how gym and militairy training work.
-Thay don't understand how books work.
-They don't understand the relashionship between work skills, physicall skills, mitairy skills and IQ

I think we deffinitly need to work on tutorials
Darkmyre 87 Unread
12:36:24, 23/12/13 1
Thanks for the feedback so far guys.

gorron99 That is definitely concerning.. can you think of any ways you or your people would like to be able to interact with each other? There are a number of options already, and they dont seem to be being used.

Knight Hawk Graphics have long been a bane of vNations, as my own graphic talent is virtually non-existant, and we've never had the finances to acquire professional graphic design. We've had some great contributions from the community, but there is always work to be done on improving the visual look.

joao97 Are you aware of specific things new citizens find challenging or difficult? Clearly I need to work on a better tutorial, but are there mechanics that are making things hard for new citizens? It's hard to see this as the developer of the game, because even if I start a new citizen, I know what I need to be doing so I cant see the things that are unclear, confusing or challenging to new players.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
12:30:57, 23/12/13 6
Now we've come to a point where graphics couldn't be avoided any more. We need a sleek design, nice colours, and consistent looking. In my opinion most of the people leave simply because the game still looks more like an office application or some kind of database manager instead of a game.

Fix remaining bugs, make the template more responsive and simple (ie. when you add a friend with a click of an icon a simple js would suffice instead of reloading the whole page

I think the game itself wouldn't be too complex IF we have a good responsive UI and logical structure and of course a HQ tutorial as others mentioned it, which would follow you through your whole game experience (ie. Sarah could give tips or "things to do" even in the later stage of the game)
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Chronographer 65 Unread
12:15:32, 23/12/13 1

Hi there! I agrees with the previous comments. we need to make the game beautiful, improve social interaction. And another tip: make a a cheaper VBX - then their will be able to buy more players. The main thing - advertising on virtual nation nobody knows. unfortunately.
sorry for my english
joao97 68 Unread
11:51:25, 23/12/13 3
I believe the main reason why new players leave the game is because it is extremely difficult to survive in the first days (specially if you are a citizin of a small country). We need to make things easier for them. I think some of them also leave because they see that the game has a lot of unfinished features.

My sugestions:
1- Add one more ministery, the Ministery of Youth. This ministery would make distributions of food and beverage for the young players.
2-Finish the Naval module.
3-Finish the sports module
4-Allow players to choose the side they want to fught for in a battle. We shouldn't be foced to fight for the side our government wants us to fight
5-Don't add unnecessary features until the game is fully functional
6-Add naked chicks to Nightly News

Knight Hawk 80 Unread
10:29:39, 23/12/13 2
I've come back after beeing away for more than 1 year to see how this game is doing.
I must admit I feel like new player with PvP war gone, tons of new fetures added, making this game more and more complex ..... etc.
Way back during my education time one professor insisted that everything we try to sell should be kept simple and good looking.
This game isn't either simple and sure isn't good looking.
Well Xav, you've tried with many new things in this game and everything you did made no difference, players still kept avoiding it.
Now maybe you shouldn't listen to so many different people telling you to do this or that, because game only gets more complicated and with new features there comes a whole bunch of bugs you need months and tons of tickets to get rid of.
Even though I advice you not to listen too many people giving you feedback, maybe you should listen to my advice:
Redesign (drastically improve) graphical appearance of this game - make it have that million dollar look, and you might end up with a million dollars in your pockets and crowded servers. ;)

Good luck with your job,
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone!
darki 89 Unread
10:29:16, 23/12/13 1
''... lot of people who do find us soon leave..''

I think a lot of new players find the game quite complex, this of course is not bad if there is a tutorial in English up to date, some industries seems to me unnecessary such as electronics,plastic, gold, silicone, I see more frequently asked questions in forum and writen tickest because of ignorance of the mechanisms of the game, this is not a game for a small number of players per country because they soon find it difficult to survive if they are small number and they leave soon.
gorron99 90 Unread
09:36:29, 23/12/13 2
I would add is that greater social interaction , I'm the president of one of the most active and strong countries and yet pass whole days without interacting with other players. The strongest of these games is the social component to interact with other people and yet here is difficult.

We have a national chat , but a limited means of interaction , other options such as IRC , official forum , they have fallen into oblivion. Google + community really promising , but eventually also abandoned.

In my opinion we need more intercommunication , otherwise we are doomed to disappear quietly .

Maybe it could strengthen the social component through aggregation of new elements to health module, the module is functioning military more or less well, although I would encourage use with some advantages conquered regions or individual achievements in battle, because if we eliminate the nation alien or zombie now , the game would fall into disrepair again .

Are roughly my opinions, they feel them to be so vague and imprecise xD

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