Alien Technology Offer Extended & VBX Price Drop 26 3

Update: Due to popular demand, we have extended the Alien Tech offer for an additional month. We are also hoping to provide pay-by-mobile option for the alien technology, and will let people know if this becomes available.

We have also had a lot of feedback this past month regarding the cost of VBX, and through various cost-cutting measures have been able to heed calls to drop the price of VBX. We will also be doing away with the pre-packaged amounts of VBX - now if you only want/need 6 VBX, you will only have to buy 6 VBX. Effective immediately, the price of VBX has been lowered to US$0.4 per 1 VBX. This is the same rate that the highest package works out to, and is available on any sum of VBX (yes, even just 1!). Please note that the system will only support buying whole numbers of VBX.

Also due to Darkmyre's current PC issues, the VBX Market page has not yet been updated - if you purchase VBX before it is updated, the difference will be manually provided as quickly as possible - for example if you buy the 10 VBX for US$8, you will receive an additional 10 VBX after your purchase. We aim to process all manual transactions within 24 hours, however please understand there is one person responsible for these, and timezones and real life can sometimes add additional delays.

Alien Brain Accelerator

New to the game and keen to catch up to the old-timers with OVER 9000 XP's? The brain accelerator will allow you to close the gap between old and new, instantly adding 500 XP to your citizen!

Alien DNA Scrambler

Made some mistakes when training, or wish you could try a new military career? Maybe you've decided its time to retire from the working class and go for gold on the sporting field. By injecting this unstable Alien DNA into the base of your citizen's spine, you will be able to move your physical and military skill points around, redefining your citizen and their strengths and weaknesses. This is a single-use item.

Alien Tactical Implant

These implants allowed the alien soldiers to adapt over time, developing their combat skills more rapidly than human soldiers were capable of - until now! With this tech in our hands, soldiers will gain bonus Combat XP according to the strength of the army they're fighting. The implant is active against any enemy nation with at least 10 population, providing a cool +25% to all CXP earned. Up against an army of 20 or more, the implant doubles its processing power to give an impressive +50% to CXP. Fight against a fearsome army of 50 or more active soldiers, and the implant operates at full power, giving you an awesome +75% to earned CXP.

This item must be activated each day you wish to use it. Once activated, it will increase your CXP for any qualifying battles you fight in before Day-Change. The implant has a total of 30 charges, once these charges are used up the item will be consumed.


These special items are available to purchase for a limited time only, on the 16th of February 2014 they will no longer be obtainable (though Scramblers and Implants purchased before this time will be usable at any time the user chooses). These items are available right now from the VBX market (under Marketplace in the menu), and should be immediately added to your account. As with regular VBX purchases, should you encounter any issues with your purchase please raise a ticket on the helpdesk ( for prompt assistance.

These items have been introduced to provide some new aspects of convenience to players, and encourage new or returning players to get back into the game. They have also been introduced to raise funds to cover the ongoing costs to maintain the Virtual Nations server, which we're currently in danger of losing due to decreased sales over the last six months. With your support we can keep the server online and continue to grow and improve the game until it is the undisputed leader of social-strategy games.

MegaDooDooUkraineBattleHe 25 Unread
18:03:41, 17/05/14 0
Darkmyre 87 Unread
00:27:01, 26/01/14 1
Michael Johannson In the pipeline, its one of the things on my shortlist that I'm aiming to have completed within the next month. Considering how useless orgs are at the moment, its pretty high on that list too.
Michael Johannson 73 Unread
21:09:31, 25/01/14 0
Ah, now it works =). Thanks a lot!

Darkmyre How does it looks with the feature to remove items from the inventory of a organization? ^^
(Last Edited 21:12:51, 25/01/14)
Metralla 93 Unread
18:11:32, 25/01/14 1
Michael, try this ;)
Michael Johannson 73 Unread
17:55:26, 25/01/14 0
Darkmyre Could it be that the Help Desk doesn't work anymore? Every single time when I click on Help Desk there is an error: "You are not permitted to access the helpdesk."
Darkmyre 87 Unread
22:57:28, 24/01/14 0
There seems to be an issue with the paypal payment processor, if you purchase one of these and do not immediately receive your XP or item (both the Scrambler and the Implant are inventory items), please raise a helpdesk ticket immediately so they can be manually provided.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
16:56:55, 23/01/14 0
abramacabra Correct, they are available for purchase for a limited time, but will remain in your inventory and usable forever
abramacabra 88 Unread
08:34:42, 23/01/14 0
So about the DNA Scrambler - I can buy it and keep it, eg. I can use it in 4-5 months? Right?
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
22:48:44, 21/01/14 1
Fantastic. Excellent initiative.
Dajko 88 Unread
16:12:22, 10/01/14 1
Is it any chance to activate purchase of Alien Technology by 'Pay by mobile' option? I don't have a credit card.
Metralla 93 Unread
11:10:49, 08/01/14 0
Has anyone tried them? Impressions?
Darkmyre 87 Unread
01:40:23, 24/12/13 0
JohnnyNT Yes, it is. Note though that the DNA Scrambler works for both physical and military with each use, so you do not need to buy two if you want to change both sets of skills.
neuroM 88 Unread
20:50:31, 23/12/13 0
Darkmyre Is it possible to buy Brain Accelerator (or some other item) more than once?
Bad_Grandpa 86 Unread
16:50:26, 15/12/13 0
Darkmyre I do not mind if you approach this professionally and in the end the game will become playable, for now it is too many bugs and infinite modules ;)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
11:47:42, 15/12/13 1
@Bad_Grandpa: Those funds were used for advertising, as they were raised for.

If people don't want to pay, they won't. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything, while providing a free game for everyone (including both donating my time, free of charge, to develop it, and spending money out of my own pocket to keep it online).
Bad_Grandpa 86 Unread
10:31:42, 15/12/13 0
What about the advertising campaign for which people paid money, money had been lost?

Stop pulling cash from players in the game who does not prospering!
darki 89 Unread
08:49:21, 13/12/13 2
Darkmyre all this is well however coefficient between different military disciplines is different when training infantry and medic is increased faster than tank and jet so if someone has a high infantry or medic can easily obtain the same skill but different quality(tank and jet)
(Last Edited 08:49:45, 13/12/13)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
04:01:40, 13/12/13 0
Metralla The one DNA Scrambler will allow you to change both Physical and Military (though it is not necessary to change both, you can change only Physical or only Military if you wish)
Metralla 93 Unread
03:54:34, 13/12/13 0
Darkmyre Alien DNA Scrambler allows me to rearrange physical skills AND military skills with 1 item or I have to buy 2 If I want to rearrange my physical skills AND my military skills?
Kusznik 68 Unread
17:37:23, 11/12/13 0
Darkmyre 87 Unread
08:22:52, 11/12/13 2
It would be greatly appreciated if people from non-English speaking nations could translate this article and repost in their national media.

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