Region Swap Between Hellas and Oceania 3 0

The United Federation of Oceania wishes to inform her allies, as well as the allies of our friend and ally Hellas, of an impending region swap between our two nations. Oceania will be acquiring the region of North Island from Hellas. This region swap has been agreed on by both nations, and we ask that our allies ensure the battle goes in the correct way.


Lord Commander Darkmyre of the United Federation of Oceania.

THE MAD MAN 65 Unread
03:18:49, 17/11/13 2
@darki It's truth that we are giving this region to Oceania sorry for not leaving any comment this is my first time being a President and i thought this article will be enough
darki 89 Unread
05:37:43, 16/11/13 0
I do not see comment below the article from President of vHellas or a member of the vHellas Government to confirm what you have written, this means that this attack on the North Island is an act of aggression against ally of vBulgaria, with this article you are trying to justify the attack against a country that has always supported you.


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