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By now you've no doubt all seen the 'Commendations: 0' text in the new military widget on the dashboard. As I put the final touches on this new feature, I thought I'd take a moment to outline how it will work when released today.

Military Commendations will begin to be awarded for future and past battles, allowing the worlds elite soldiers to recieve recognition for their efforts on the battlefield. For now, commendations will simply be a measure of achievement, however depending on how the feature is recieved there are potential plans for some in-game reward to be linked to commendations. Recieving a commendation rewards the soldier with 10 Prestige.

Commendations are awarded to the top soldier in each military class for the battle. To qualify for a commendation, the battle must be between player nations (ie no Zombie or Alien battles, as they have their own achievements), and both sides must have accumulated at least 1 million points of damage (no commendations for region swaps or attacking deadlands). Commendations are issued separately for each side, meaning a total of 8 commendations will be awarded per battle (providing there were soldiers of all classes present on both sides).

Commendations will be made active later today, at which point citizens may view the battle history page for past battles to trigger their commendations to be awarded. Future battles will automatically award their commendations at the conclusion of the battle.

Darkmyre 87 Unread
15:32:32, 07/11/13 0
Sorry guys, having some technical issues here at mission control, will let you know as soon as Commendations are live.
Maguilao 89 Unread
20:00:08, 06/11/13 0
Same error here.
Emilinero 94 Unread
16:26:42, 06/11/13 0
Many battles with damage on both sides show NOT a single player in the Top's and neither by roles or countries.
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Bad_Grandpa 86 Unread
16:13:11, 06/11/13 0
Darkmyre ??
Emilinero 94 Unread
16:06:52, 06/11/13 0
3140 is the BId for the first battle of March the 1st, the day V1.0 was launched.

Borsi6 Same happens to me.
Bad_Grandpa 86 Unread
12:28:08, 06/11/13 0
Battle History

There was a problem with the feature you attempted to access. The following error was encountered:

You have entered an invalid value [], please enter a number.

Unless you believe this is incorrect, you do not need to raise a helpdesk ticket.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
12:22:11, 06/11/13 0
Darkmyre 87 Unread
08:24:21, 06/11/13 0
Metralla They should be available via the War Room's battle history.
Metralla 93 Unread
08:13:17, 06/11/13 0
Darkmyre We need to find past battles ids in order to activate this?

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