ALIENS Please come back! 20 2

we want aliens back

all our soldiers are dying, all the weapons are rusting in the stocks, all the tanks have spiderwebs..

now at day 220 (of version1.0.11) (day 1316 since i begin to play this game) we are few players, and every day one player stop playing this..

One average citizen.

Issomad 87 Unread
12:46:56, 17/10/13 0
supply soldiers still doesn't work.

That's bad for making war :(
darki 89 Unread
04:17:55, 17/10/13 0
Diabl0 +1
Diabl0 73 Unread
17:23:40, 16/10/13 0
Siscador please edit the title of the article, replace Aliens with Darkmyre.
LadyArcher 45 Unread
08:34:07, 11/10/13 0
Thanks for giving us fun.
Voted & subscribed.
Maguilao 89 Unread
00:39:37, 11/10/13 0
They have flown it away from our planet...
Siscador 87 Unread
19:43:36, 10/10/13 1
all the world is bored of this game, without free battles from aliens al the economic and war modules are here for nothing.
think in the best for all and dont be selfish
Odonacer 83 Unread
18:48:31, 10/10/13 0
Перед тим, як щось робити, потрібно було проконсультуватися із країною, яка володіє цим об'ктом. Чи було це зроблено? Інакше це зовсім не вічливо.
Siscador 87 Unread
00:23:55, 10/10/13 2
im poor, but i will do it!

in 12 hours all fight for aliens
z78sabjan 93 Unread
17:03:36, 09/10/13 2
someone incite an uprising on the Alien Mothership (cost 25vbux)
gorron99 90 Unread
08:55:42, 09/10/13 0
Vnations need's Aliens or similar, for support the activity...
Biggles 87 Unread
21:46:58, 08/10/13 0
lol, the Ukrainians are too busy flying their mothership.
Kaad 22 Unread
18:38:15, 08/10/13 1
I agree we need alien medals!
Siscador 87 Unread
17:39:09, 08/10/13 0
@xavier please get back the Aliens or release one new kind of enemy or something
Maguilao 89 Unread
16:43:42, 08/10/13 0
pitcity Ukraine, please use the Liberate Region law for the Alien Mothership region. Everybody will be happy with it.
Metralla 93 Unread
11:36:31, 08/10/13 0
Do you send this message to Xavier or Ukranians? If you do not be specific, Xav will say, "it has nothing to do with me, ask Ukranians" and Ukrnianans will say "we didn't know what we had to do, we thought it is Xav's issue" they are relatively noobs after all!
Thiago Santiago 84 Unread
05:11:01, 08/10/13 0
I acknowledge that Ukranians are awesome. Now liberate Alienland.
Bombita Rodriguez 69 Unread
01:14:35, 08/10/13 0
VN needs the aliens.
Come back aliens.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
00:40:07, 08/10/13 1
yeah, or introduce some other ai, they're missed a lot

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