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Hey everyone, how's your day so far?

We were thinking what to do for a long time, and I guess we are not alone. Everyone feels we need some tension or excitement, but it's hard to do it in a way it makes sense -not literally of course-.
Usually I support wars, but at the moment I'm not sure. Xavier Darkmyre we need to fix the basic issues came up with that nasty PHP update ie. military supply, not to mention the BB codes, what could seem a trivial problem, but in fact it's much worst. There's a measurable loss in players since, I think this is very very important!

Considering these now I'd rather try to do something less aggressive first, and the only thing I can think about is merges, to fiddle with the economy and see if we can raise some profit even in this world-wide recession :)

So hereby I'm offering merging opportunity with Hungary to all smaller nations who struggles to supply their own. If and when a merged nation wanna quit, no questions asked. There should be benefits on both sides:

Hungary gains more consumers, this way we can sell more products, earn more money both individually and nationally, while
the merged nation will have all the job and activity opportunities, they can earn more money and buy companies so later they'll be able to use them in their own country

Here's what we can provide:

- huge marketplace (T3 everything, T3 house on request)
- high minimum wage + all around daily supplies from the state for newbies

Let us know if you're interested, over and out.


Hello mindenki, milyen napotok van eddig?

Regota fontolgatjuk mit kene csinalnunk, gondolom ezzel nem vagyunk egyedul. Mindenki erzi hogy szukseg lenne egy kis feszultsegre vagy izgalomra, de nehez ugy megvalositani hogy ertelme is legyen -nem szo szerint termeszetesen-.
Altalaban tamogatom a haborukat, jelenleg nem vagyok biztos benne hogy ez a legjobb megoldas. Xavier Darkmyre ki kell javitanunk az alapveto hibakat amik az utolso PHP frissiteskor keletkeztek pl. a katonai ellatmany, hogy a BB kodokat ne is emlitsem, ami trivialisnak tunhet, valojaban sokkal roszabb. Merheto a jatekosszam csokkenese, ezt nem lehet hangsulyozni!

Ezeket figyelembeveve most inkabb valami kevesbe agressziv megoldast keresnek, az egyetlen ami eszembe jut az egyesites, hogy jatszunk egy kicsit a gazdasaggal, hatha tudunk egy kis pozitiv profitot felmutatni ebben a vilagmeretu hanyatlasban is :)

Ezert Magyarorszag fuziot ajanl a kisebb nemzeteknek, akik kuzdenek a napi szuksegletek biztositasaval is. Amennyiben es amikor egy beolvadt nemzet fuggetlenseget szeretne ujra, nem teszunk fel kerdeseket. Elvileg mindket oldal nyerhet:

Magyarorszag tobb fogyasztot szerez, ezaltal tobb termeket tudunk eladni, es vegsosoron tobb penzre teszunk szert mind egyeni mind allami szinten, mig
a beolvadt nemzet elott megnyilnak a munka- es egyeb aktivitas lehetosegek, tobb penzt kereshetnek illetve cegeket alapithatnak, amiket kesobb a sajat hazajukban fognak tudni kiaknazni

Amit nyujtani tudunk:

- hatalmas piac (T3 mindenbol, T3 haz keresre)
- magas minimalber + teljes allami ellatas kezdoknek

Tudassatok ha erdekel, stop.

Maguilao 89 Unread
21:10:02, 28/09/13 2
I totally disagree with Brazil merging into Argentina. If anything, Argentina should merge into Brazil, as we have 5 World Cups and they only have 2. :D
Kaad 22 Unread
20:01:43, 28/09/13 0
Luxembourger market is just inexistant...

Good to see iniatives and maybe agreements that would advantage both sides in the future.
Metralla 93 Unread
17:45:22, 28/09/13 0
Massino The first problem with merging is what happens to the treasury, hellenic treasury belongs to the hellenic workers' syndicate that funds its companies. In case we merge into Hungary, but there are equivalent probs in case Hungary merges into Hellas. Since these 2 countries have some treasury it will cause some mess If for example the policy of burning vbux is not agreed by both sides. Now it can be very abusive because MB commander, MoD and CP, can buy as many jets as they want and give them to anyone they want. Only budget limits them but because it takes some hours at least a budget to get approved, all budgets are relatively high just in case. And these people can give anything they want to anyone they want and without anyone else to notice it, because there is no log to say this one gave that to this one. Xav is a bit naive on these, but If the game becomes popular, these details will cause a lot of bitching.

The second problem is the administration of the companies. The syndicate wants these companies to operate according to the metrallist ideals, the primary of them is the total rejection of profiteering. This syndicate is democratic, so its administrator should be elected among the members of the syndicate. Now is the hellenic government since this model is dominant and it is state's policy. Otherwise the companies should be privatized again under adminstrator, or the MoI to be our administrator, or the state to remain metrallist (i.e. libertarian and not authoritarian socialist).

The third problem is what happens in case a region is liberated and the nation re-appears, will it be without treasury, or what? Here the rules are obscure and bugs are waiting in the corner I bet.

I have thought of merging plans many times, because as internationalist that I am, I intent to help other nations as well, but as I told you I came to conclusion that the best for minor liberal countries with empty treasury!!!(this is crucial imo), is to merge into the biggest liberal country, which is USA. Otherwise the terms and conditions should be discussed intesively a priori.
Some reasons that I rejected offering other countries to merge into Hellas:
-They will have probs with their companies to compete our companies.
-They will have probs to make a baby boom, even small.
-We will stress our military capabilities maybe beyond the limits, with the duty to defend the new lands.
-The new countries need to gain something and what they need is infrastructure in their home regions, companies with stocks to fill the market in case of baby boom and a descent ammount of VBUX for wars. Merging into Hellas and according to my theories, into Hungary, cannot provide these. Only 1.5 countries can provide them with vbux to build infrastructure, I will not name them but it is not Hellas, Hungary or USA.

So thinking of all these for long time before you post this article, I think mergings for the reasons you proposed, do not offer something more than immigration and immigration causes the minimum probs. I do not totally reject mergings but I think the circumstances should be very special, like for example the merging of Brazil into Argentina, 2 similar countries/political systems, traditionally allied and with even more similarities.

But we are always open to discuss all scenarios of course, as I said in the begging, I doubt Massino has bad intentions(on the contrary), and good intentions is the best ground for a constructive discussion and then a collective decision.
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z78sabjan 94 Unread
14:37:58, 28/09/13 0
Brilliant! Metra what do you say?
Diabl0 73 Unread
12:43:54, 28/09/13 0
I think we should merge with vHellas in the first place just to show Metralla that his theory is false.:3
(Last Edited 12:44:25, 28/09/13)
z78sabjan 94 Unread
08:33:20, 28/09/13 0
James A. Conrad :)) yeah man, i haven't thought about that before. btw failed to mention, if there won't be any applicant we shall burn the world one by one :DD
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Mr. X 84 Unread
18:21:11, 27/09/13 0
To all smaller nations who like Big Macks, Coca Cola, Charlize Theron (o.k. she is from South Africa) and Smith & Wesson gunz, better than Hungarian hot paprika:
- You may consider to merge with vUSA and become proud Muricans, citizens of Land of Milk and Honey and great boobs! ;)
We in vUSA are awaiting you with arms wide open and hands full of vUS dollars! :D
- -
$$ | $$
\ ___/
Mr. X 84 Unread
17:49:49, 27/09/13 0
No announcing new spectacular wars - no vote! :P
S**t - profile overview blew my cover:
Mr. liked article Towards the future en/hu. :D
Huh! :P
(Last Edited 17:52:40, 27/09/13)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
17:30:14, 27/09/13 0
tobiastony I'm the only one doing the work

James A. Conrad 87 Unread
17:11:12, 27/09/13 0
"Massino, the lazy Hun."

What would Attila think?
z78sabjan 94 Unread
17:04:04, 27/09/13 1
First I was thinking I will prove Metra wrong one by one, but hell I'm just too lazy to argue. The offer stands as above.
Metralla 93 Unread
16:14:53, 27/09/13 0
I want to believe that Massino has no bad intentions, but his propsal will give a big advantage to the Magyars mostly.
1-More citizens=More workers bonus(VBUX) for Hungary, now the small countries gain their worker bonus but in tiny amounts, because of the very few citizens.
2-Noobish companies from the noobish countries cannot compete easiy oldfag companies, because:
2.1-Oldfag companies has more productive owner.
2.2-Oldfag companies have stocks.
2.3-Oldfag companies have tons of HUF(hungarian fiorini, their currency) and noobish companies will need to buy HUF from the monetary market(more VBUX for Hungarian state or oldfag rich Magyars), or hard earn it.
3-All the treasury will be transfered to Hungarian state treasury and I do not know how the other state takes it back in case it is liberated, remember that with uprisings, it is easy for a foreign power to liberate a region, so the merged region to reappear on the map.
4-Hungary will gain even more military power and unlike ΕRΕΡ, here you are obligated to fight only for your allies.
5-Magyars have a nationalist oriented mindset, so I doubt that the new citizens will be equal, especially If the new citizens have also nationalist oriented mindset and do not play as vMagyars. This means that vHungary will be divided in national parties, especially If a minority gains some political influence that opposes the Hungarian national policy. The only country(afaik) that is liberal enough to accept foreigners without any discrimination is vUSA and vHellas, but the later because of the special conditions. So the best country to merge into, definately is vUSA.
tobiastony 72 Unread
16:05:30, 27/09/13 0
Xavier Darkmyre what the game needs to solve the outstanding problems? You do everything alone or divide the work?
Gento 73 Unread
15:00:07, 27/09/13 0
Need make easier this game theme and options more easy to find. In the beggining all players think what here is going? They dont understand this game and leave. vNations is made to difficult for people :D In long term here will be hard to get thousands of new players.

And where is that money which was donated for advertisment campaing? I know first need to fix bugs but hope it will be soon.

vLatvia to have a lot of goods., but we dont have customers which will buy them so company owners cant earn sp much money as they want.

Hard times in vNations :(
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
13:39:26, 27/09/13 1
Maguilao 89 Unread
13:01:33, 27/09/13 1
Every proposal trying to heat up the things a little bit has my approval. Voted up.

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