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Franklin D. Roosevelt

"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on."

George Washington

"If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known, that we are at all times ready for War."

Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Neither a wise man nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him."



"All US Citizens are free to fight wherever they wish, or not. Do what you want."

Alejandro Salek 90 Unread
16:49:17, 03/07/13 0
Ok, I'm getting tired of this crab. I cannot continue reading, so perhaps I'll be answering with lulz. (I didn't read the las 5 comments)

Whoever finds exciting coming to Bolivia to prepare it for war is welcome. No developed plans yet, just the idea that perhaps attacking Croatia, or Serbia for example and getting their regions conquered by the help of a new alliance, made for lulz as somewhen before, could bring players back and the kind of fun that atracts new players. Then having new players will come with new alternatives. Even for Bolivia, considering how populated is this game so far and that in FG Bolivia has around 100 active players without including the clickers, which here is close to half a top 5 nation.

If this as epic lulz is needed, you know where to find me.

Btw, don't look for me this weekend, tonight I'm travelling and I'll be out till Monday, luckily I'll be clicking.
SirDude 72 Unread
16:34:51, 23/06/13 0
I love it how Massino walks the path I started long ago and I congratulate and respect his passions.

It's just that when the time comes .. he won't have enough time for such ( I think of vnat's community as the best one in my simple experience ) virtual friendships, because food has to be brought to the table.

The same is actually happening with many of the oldfags - and dare I say it those people are the reason the game is still here.

I support Xav, because I understand under how much time management issues he has to be in order to sustain such a game. I encourage him to make more for the game. The people are here. They want it. Just throw them the biscuit.

Happy summer evening in the northern hemisphere .. and whatever you guys in the southern have. Autumn is it ? Or is it Winter already ?

it's metaphore, guys. We are not sheep.
Amaith 58 Unread
15:53:23, 23/06/13 0
Do not blame him because he has no other developer.
(Last Edited 15:53:57, 23/06/13)
Vargaehh 69 Unread
14:12:24, 23/06/13 0
Xavier Darkmyre You are the only one responsible of the actual situation. I have been playing this game for 3 years, 2 of them in the spanish goverment, spending a lot of time trying to help my community, but is is very difficult to explain why to keep playing when there are no signs of improvements in the game,, when all the players experiment a high quantity of bugs, when there are problems with the elections month after month during 3 years and the developer instead of trying to resolve the problems of the game just blame the most active communities.

About the alliance between Hun-Bul-Pol-Spa, I just want to remember that this alliance was forged after the last Poland-soviets war, when ex-FUN countries felt betrayed by NOVA countries and we realized that we can´t trust them.
James A. Conrad 87 Unread
13:08:04, 23/06/13 0
All of you guys are throwing a hissy fit when all I really want to do is get drunk and hang out in Saudi Arabia and fly jets...

On a serious note: Jany Don't leave. We have played this game for literal year together. Just tough it out.

z78sabjan 94 Unread
12:19:42, 23/06/13 0
no guys, what's insulting is that while we try to play nice and talk to you in nice manner, you guys insulting us, calling us EVIL, IGNORANT COMMUNITY DESTROYERS, and stuff like that.

Let me ask a question dear enemies:


we gave back always what we took right? we didn't humiliate anyone right?

then either remove the war module, or instead of fighting in comments go and do it there


Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
09:39:54, 23/06/13 0
Xav, the problem is, that we are very very small community, Just look at the government of Bul-Hun-PL-ES, and see that the people that run the country do not really change, or if they do the rotations are between not more than 2-3 persons. It's hard to run a country with the minimum of players to keep the most needed resources and goods on the market...so very few people have the knowledge and ever fewer have the will to do it. That's why that big four you speak of still exists, because we became friends on personal level and can't attack each other..The game becomes boring to us too... if there is no challenge, there is no fun... that's why I switched a couple of citizenships to try to help countries like Germany, but it's no use... with 6-10 players you cant make good economy, without economy, there are no resources to wage war.
gorron99 90 Unread
08:59:19, 23/06/13 0
What a tantrum blame the fall of the game, I think the malfunction, the continued appearance of Bugs and the slowing of development are direct causes, have lost many players literally bored, we can not do anything to retain more than throw in desperate wars, and now it turns out that our wars have destroyed the game in the opinion of the creator.

Could not be more wrong, we have only kept the game in stasis waiting for solutions, full reset to 0 is not a solution as it would attack the years we have been here holding on, but no one said that the restoration is essential to spice the game.

The basis of the game is good, I always thought it best that Erepublik, more complex and complete, but missing many things to tweak, is that we have eR resources or anything, but the game has lost some interesting modules such as Religion, sports module has stalled completely, there are no mechanisms for feeding a baby boom as a delivery system similar to the base but for food, drink and food staples and above all a sense of security from the support of the game, the feeling that is watching over us, just after the V1 we feel abandoned here with multiple bugs plaguing the game, just as it had begun several Baby Boom in some countries and the population had grown considerably

Our military dominance is a result of our friendship as a country, we attempt to separate through diplomatic cunning, but we have built a fire as alliance and our friendship is ferrea. If the Baby booms that arose had prospered we could have seen a new balancing military forces in the nations, but these were lost and it was our dominance that the brake.
darki 89 Unread
02:52:16, 23/06/13 0
you all forgot another country whose players left game one of the top countries, where is vRussia? why they left? where is vSerbia, vCroatia the list is long...
for vBulgarian players that we are still active I blame myself that so much time I'm trying to keep them in the game I have no right to do this just because I see the situation in the game, but we say: hope dies last

if the other players from other countries are still playing there would be no disbalance, do you have any idea how many players we lost all and why, why new players after month or two in game losing interest and leave the game? sometimes I feel like a character from a book by Cervantes ''Don Quijote de la Mancha'' which trying to fight with windmills...
(Last Edited 03:26:48, 23/06/13)
Maguilao 89 Unread
01:16:16, 23/06/13 0
I really hope Jany changes his mind and doesn't delete his account. As it was said before, we still are a small community and everybody is kinda close each other. If he leaves the game it will be a great loss.
HuArrow 35 Unread
00:04:51, 23/06/13 0
Xavier who are you?the developer of this game????Do you really want to develop this game?then do something man...without this wars this game is really boring.how can you acuse the players of your own game about destroying this game?????I am anew player I wanna play this game but untill now the only thing for what I am here now are the other players.they told me "please stay because this game has future,because Xav will do it much better"-that means that the older players from this game(your clients by the way) trusted you.but I am playing this game for 3 months and I am still waiting for a positive change but it seems the only change are the bugs and the anger of the losers.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
23:56:35, 22/06/13 0
jany It is... its also something I'm looking into right now.
jany 89 Unread
23:54:39, 22/06/13 0
Making a parallel game is still an option. Like in secure vs. primera.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
23:52:31, 22/06/13 0
jany You're right, I'm sorry, I fucked up. I should've at the very least reset at V1.
jany 89 Unread
23:43:14, 22/06/13 0
Last world about the reset and about my selfishness: I am the highest ranking player, I am one of the richest player. And I still begged you for reset. And I would have played with it - from nothing. Because this is a great game with a huge potential but you cannot ask the individuals to restoring the balance.

Last serious war was 1 year ago. Still the disbalance remained. 1-year is an indicator that should be resolved by the developer and not by the players.
(Last Edited 23:47:04, 22/06/13)
jany 89 Unread
23:37:20, 22/06/13 0
Anyway, what can improve that on individual level? The disbalance can only be improved on the developer level. At least you can delete my account: it improves the misbalance a little.

Reset: Me, Darkmantle, Sterling wrote many article about this. This is not a matter of pople's opinion. It should be a decision of the developer.

Or alternatively: starting a parallel game like primera/secura.in another FG-like game.

Bulgaria was practically neutral in the Australia and USA wars.

Neutralization is a unique feature but in other FG-like games the risk of RWs and guerilla wars are that is what can rebalance the game.

This is a small community where people became freinds. Bul-Hun-Pol-Spain became freinds on individual level. You cannot ask me to fight against darki's, Borsi's, Bloom's, Aryan's, gorron's countries. Like cszoli did not want to fight against USA or Massino against Australia.

Thanks a lot for if you delete my account.
(Last Edited 23:40:02, 22/06/13)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
23:36:49, 22/06/13 0
Thinking about it further, perhaps you're right, it is all just my fault because I haven't done a reset yet. So sorry.

As for the delete request jany, I've assigned the ticket, and when I have a chance I'll get to it just like all the other tickets.
Darkmyre 87 Unread
23:06:50, 22/06/13 0
I don't know why Croatia went extinct. If, as you say, they did just get bored - then maybe you need to think about why they were bored. If they were allied with you, then what were their options? Attack someone, and watch as the four of you smash whoever they attack into smithereens. How exciting can the idea of stepping on an ant with a steamroller be, honestly?

It's not you personally, hell its not even any one particular nation personally. It's the collective result of what the four top nations in the game are doing. Combined with the fact that the four top nations probably represent what, 70-80% of the vworlds military force, it creates a no-win situation for anyone else which leads to global boredom.
jany 89 Unread
22:52:34, 22/06/13 0
Can you explain why Croatia extincted? Due to misbalance?

Anyway, please consider my request and delete my account. I wrote a ticket.

If you blame ME and half of the players killing this game then at least delete MY account: I do not want to be one of those who killed this game.
(Last Edited 23:01:56, 22/06/13)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
22:45:48, 22/06/13 0

Lack of complete reset - you mean that thing that almost everyone bitched and moaned and threatened and insulted at its mere mention? What sort of crazy person would do something that everyone abuses and threatens people over MENTIONING let alone doing?

No advertising? So what, I just threw money at google for the hell of it?

How did naturalization kill the game?

Sorry for disappearing, didn't realise I needed your supreme blessing to try and pay the bills. Forgot apparently I can live on air alone, as well as run the servers and my own PC and everything else that is needed to do work on a website, just on hopes dreams and oxygen.

The rest of the points I don't really even see the point you're trying to make. None of those things WOULD MAKE ANY BLOODY DIFFERENCE to the ridiculous imbalance between Hungary+Bulgaria+Spain+Poland VS the rest of the world.
jany 89 Unread
22:41:17, 22/06/13 0
Then option 2: Please delete my account. Thanks in advance. Anywa, it will improve the disbalance.
(Last Edited 22:44:25, 22/06/13)
jany 89 Unread
22:20:07, 22/06/13 0
Xavier Darkmyre It sounds me impossible what you say. As a DEVELOPER you say that half of the players killed the game?

This is the first time when software developer blames the users killining the software. Instead of improving it.

This is absurd.

I can tell you where YOU killed this game:
- lack of complete reset under new name, nicknames, etc.
- no advertising
- the system of neutralization
- after a small baby boom arond launching v1 you disappeared
- after launching v1 no modification of military imporovement: Unkraine could have been the world superpower on the NOVA side and if you give them possiblity for a faster development, there would be a balance long ago.
- the announced features which could rescued the "misbalance" (strategic regions)
- no media modul: we have to pay for global article which sounds like a punishment for those who wants to make some public life
- "pacifistism" which provides NOTHING. For an ordinary people this game is boring as hell. The only amusement is war. Or what else?
- busieness? - there is a huge overproduction and nobody cares
- sport: it was better at the beginning at least you knew the national resords, weekly record etc.
- politics?: this is a game for a few poeple

CAN YOU SEE CROATIA ON THE MAP? She is practically deadland, while she was No1 country at the beginning, and in the top 5 after first region reset






(Last Edited 22:34:18, 22/06/13)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
21:02:14, 22/06/13 0
Honestly, it is quite insulting to the rest-of-the-world-that-isn't-poland-spain-bulg-hun, for poland-spain-bulg-hun to say "your situation isn't hopeless, you might've lost, but you almost won". Massino if you bother looking at the battle stats, at ALL of them, and do some simple math, you'll see at no point during the US-Hun war, or the Aus-Hun war, was it mathematically possible for you to be defeated. Sure, some battles might've barely been won, and some may've even not gone your way - but on any given day the four of you combined would've had millions of unspent damage, damage you didn't need to spend because you know the only way any of you can be defeated, is if you're fighting the rest of you. But since you all want to yell at ex-NOVA nations to "Try something new" while sitting there in your impenetrable castle, I hope you enjoy not having much of anything to do, because its unlikely anyone will bother standing up against you, knowing that they so much as scratch Hungary, they're going to get pack-raped by the four of you. And as you guys keep bitching about, without wars the game is boring. So congrats on winning the game, or killing the game, depending on how you want to look at it.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
17:58:01, 22/06/13 0
ok but now look at these same things from the other side too:

tomorrow let's say Israel attacks the US directly. in those battles the main contributor is Hungary, since Izrael is too weak by itself. then tell me what will be your relationship with Hungary, how will you feel towards them? no one said that what you did was bad or unfair, in fact you choose the side of the weaker one.

the point here is the choice! i mean that was a decision by you or your cabinet right? your damage was coordinated by your military orders, not just random US citizens. Theoretically since NOVA is gone now, you could have choose to fight on our side or simply to stay out of it. note: i'm not saying that an action like that would necessarily create war between our nations, but it certainly impacts our relationship right?

look at the Cuban situation. some us people emigrates to an empty country, gets cs somehow. isn't it obvious that others will think you try to politically take over Cuba? Even jany's article was a fun-article, we didn't punish anyone, we took Cuba by force right? Did that make any US citizen suffer in any way? (except the ones who actually were there planning whatever they've planned). Did we damage US economy or something? not really.

about those RW'd regions i have to admit i know nothing about, didn't even hear about it till now, one thing i know if it has anything to do with any hungarians, it wasn't a government coordinated action, or plan to undermine the US.

so i understand all your actions, but you have to understand that the consequences are natural too from our viewpoint.

i cannot answer why the gov did not contact you or something, i suppose the best that they have their reasons, but if they don't and just forgot, that would change nothing.
when we attacked the UK i give a notification 1 week earlier. we were still the evil occupiers :). so while i agree that some kind of public announcement or pm should have been made as usual, it doesn't really affect the war itself.

and yeah i know what you mean, that's why i'm not willing to be pres for a long time too, but come on Thore, you can resist by fighting as hell as much you can even with your last breath and vbux, even if you loose all, and you can still make stand, who knows what else? or you can admit to yourself that there is no way and decide to admit your defeat, congratulate to your enemy and negotiate the best possible terms for your country

Thore 72 Unread
17:33:32, 22/06/13 0
I know you are not in the government, and I know and respect you ,as I know and respect jany and cszoli. And I know English does not translate well into Hungarian (or is it the other way around?) so I will tell you what I have told everybody all along:

The US did not attack Hungary. Australia asked for help. Since I know that total US + Australian damage was well below what Hungary itself could produce, I agreed, as I knew that we could not seriously threaten any region that was important to you, but might give people some nationalistic pride by nibbling at the edges a bit. I think we actually only participated in 3 or 4 battles. By that time Hungary (or your allies) had uprised our colonies away from us into protected nations, destroying our economy by depriving us of critical RMs. It took me time to negotiate rental of those colonies from their current owners, and then when I got the rental agreements, the protection mode was bugged. So I had to open a ticket. Still haven't gotten an answer on that one yet.

Second, a couple of our higher ranking people (and I think a couple of new players as well) decided to try and restart the Cuban nation. They get slapped down by Hungary as if they were misbehaving children, and I get accused of trying to TO Cuba.

They ask for help from the US to try and fight off Hungary, which I agree to because they are friends and they needed help badly. We lose anyway.

So know, here is the picture, the US is now trying to figure out a way to regain the RMs (or the colonies) we lost and I am being personally accused of trying to take-over nations and attacking Hungary.

Then Hungary attacks the US without notice or warning. I am like your President, I have a life outside the game where I work part-time and run my own company, so I can not spend all my time here. But even then, a PM saying "hey we are attacking you because we want to increase the lulz" or something would have been nice.

So, I decided this, we are not going to resist. We wont waste the money we dont have to waste.We will let Hungary say they conquered the US. And then we will continue on and continue building our nation...
z78sabjan 94 Unread
17:30:59, 22/06/13 0

what's the matter then? :D
ishabad 20 Unread
17:27:26, 22/06/13 0
Last I checked
Merica was a superpower
Hungary was still developing
Nough Said
z78sabjan 94 Unread
16:51:20, 22/06/13 0
since i'm not in the gov i cant talk in their name, but ask jany how close some of the big battles was. those few hundred k damages could have turned it, and don't think for a moment that we don't sweat at the last minutes of these fights ;)

and yes, i don't know your money supply but that's why i listed several options. to negotiate nicely you don't need money, just nice manner. it could get you more sometimes than even battles could. also when we come to the treasury idk if you have spies or not (so if you know ours or not) but i don't think that any country would be able to keep up a long lasting war nowadays, including Hungary.

Remember when my dear pony crazy ass mich attacked the us boldly and ran out of money? their military power combined with ours were superior, still after their treasury got empty two days later the US was attacking the mainland of Poland

i simply think it's not that hopeless as you say it is, but of course i understand your anger on the other side of the coin. why i can't accept it, because we didn't behave or communicate or act with you guys in a way, that you would have to feel that bad about it.

negotiations are open, you won't be destroyed nor loose any important things, the only thing you have to swallow is your pride that you've lost (which is not even the case yet as i see it you're still fighting, but even if you did so what?)
we don't humiliate you, we don't ask for anything unacceptable
Thore 72 Unread
16:37:46, 22/06/13 0
Massino I agree with you, but like you said, you do not know the status of our treasury and I am leading by deciding not to throw away hard-earned money on a hopeless cause.

You are correct, the US is one of the top 5 strongest nations. The problem is, as we saw in the battle for Missouri, we are fighting ALL of the other top 5s at the same time. Hungary professes that it is just barely winning these battles, but when it comes down to it, Hungary also has the resources of Spain, Poland and Bulgaria to draw upon.

The US can not and will not waste our resources fighting a losing battle.

We are not doing "nothing". We are just trying to find out the answer to the question "What if they held a war and nobody showed up?"
z78sabjan 94 Unread
16:29:01, 22/06/13 0
I think i hear you loud and clear Thore but in my opinion a leaders job to lead. a president's job is to figure out a way to solve his nations problems. A leader can NEVER say, "hey people, go and do what you want, we decided it's better to throw up our hands and do nothing".

you have many options to choose from. you can be nice and start peace negotiations, of course in a diplomatic manner.

you can start a resistance fight, and try to make it unworthy for the occupier to keep you under pressure.

you can try to activate more allies, perhaps get some new ones (dont forget in some battles the tide could have been turned by even 1 more soldier!)

it all depends on how's your treasury, if and how can you secure supplies for your people etc.

The US is one of the strongest countries at the moment in vNations, perhaps not THE strongest, but definitely one of them, and her military power is much closer to ours than you stating it.

the last but not least i personally asked xav to make some changes in the WM, making it possible for the loosing side to fight back, even if the MB is gone. That request was in your favor not ours, we could push that too

Dont get me wrong, im not saying that if Massino is the US president then we could have easily defeated Hungary, rather i told you the things i would choose from if i were in your shoes
(Last Edited 16:36:39, 22/06/13)
Thore 72 Unread
16:07:29, 22/06/13 0
Massino I got what you are trying to say, but you are missing my point too. To be honest, I think what is happening would be difficult for one of the "Big 4" to understand, but I think (or at least I hope) that the rest of the world understands. There is giving up, and there is contrarianism. The two are mutually exclusive.
LadyArcher 45 Unread
15:52:08, 22/06/13 0
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
14:54:22, 22/06/13 0
what about:
"I'm telling you there's an enemy that would like to attack America, Americans, again. There just is. That's the reality of the world. And I wish him all the very best." - George Bush, Washington, D.C., January 12, 2009

or.....more better
"It would be a mistake for the United States Senate to allow any kind of human cloning to come out of that chamber." - the same weird dyslexic man

God help USA, please...:)

von Paulus 17 Unread
14:44:34, 22/06/13 0
Biggles super

Biggles 87 Unread
14:08:06, 22/06/13 0
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." -George Bush
neuroM 88 Unread
14:05:20, 22/06/13 0
What a bunch of fags. Lying people just to send them to death in order to establish world domination.
z78sabjan 94 Unread
13:47:56, 22/06/13 0
lol, very nice quotes i admit but you miss the point:

all of your presidents made morale speeches, making people believe, giving them hope, showing a strong and able leadership.

now check your own one...
Thore 72 Unread
13:32:08, 22/06/13 0
You forgot a couple:

“There is nothing more corrupting, nothing more destructive of the noblest and finest feelings of our nature, than the exercise of unlimited power.” --William Henry Harrison

“I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing it until the end. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” --Abraham Lincoln

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” --Abraham Lincoln


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