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Fellow Citizens,

After many hours of diplomacy and negotiation, I am pleased to announce that we have gained England back into our Nation.

This is indeed excellent news, and I think we can all appreciate how import EACH and EVERY region of our Nation is important.

With this in mind, I propose to do a number of things.


Aim to achieve a 'Pax Britannica' period, in which we can grow and prosper, without threat. This will be via dialogue and peace agreements with all active Nations


I aim to make every constituent part of the UK independent from the centre, with it's own Military Bases, Universities, Roads etc. These are National projects, and of course will take time and funds, but I trust that you will agree with me that these are worthy projects.


Starting immediately, the National Minimum Wage will be set at £2.10. I think this is a vital start in our regeneration, and allows our New Citizens to progress further, and quicker. This in turn makes people more productive, not to mention enabling all citizens to use the markets, rather than scrimping for food etc


All taxes are to remain, for the time being, at 5%. As we all know, we have been in a bad place economically, and I have no plans to make it any harder. This is subject to change, but at least until the next Presidential Election, the 5% across the board will remain.


Our military list (the list that all soldiers are on for supplies from the Govt) is to be reset. I would encourage all to register on the list, and always be ready.


There are, at this moment in time, jobs for every citizen. If you don't have a job, please get in touch with the Government.
No one will be unemployed unless by choice.


Finally, I would once again invite all citizens to step forward, and take a place at the table of the Government. This is where the decisions are made, and your input is vital. Please just contact myself if you are interested.

Sincerely Yours,


Prime Minister and Citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Ulaidian 35 Unread
14:15:55, 21/05/13 0
I think we will.. the trick will be patience. We are growing, albeit, slowly.. but the more that do, that work, that pay taxes, the more we can get done.
Markets are starting to come under control, and there are jobs for anyone that wants one.. including a min wage that rivals any Nation out there.
Angua Whisper 9 Unread
05:17:32, 21/05/13 0
I just hope we will be granted the time we need to grow self supporting.
ishabad 20 Unread
21:05:44, 18/05/13 0
Best of luck

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