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abramacabra wrote an article to sell his damage,
that and to show you i think it seriously i'm here to offer my services too, on a whole new level

the first country who attacks another country (not the green ones) can hire me

fees: supply me with jets the rest i'll take care of
period / term: until that war is won or lost / against the enemy (any country) who they've attacked at the first place
citizenship: needed

short term hire also possible to help out in specific battles

fees: supply me with jets the rest i'll take care of
period / term: until that battle is won or lost / enemy has lower than neutral diplomacy with Hungary (including the green men)
citizenship: not needed (therefore pilot's country diplomacy is applicable)

pilot badges

Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
17:49:06, 14/05/13 0
Come on don't be shy, if you hire both pilots, there will be discount on the adrenalin shot ;))
z78sabjan 93 Unread
22:22:48, 12/05/13 0
Leodagan 12 Unread
21:23:41, 12/05/13 0
Let's create a charity organization to promote war in the world :D
z78sabjan 93 Unread
18:23:54, 12/05/13 0
:D of course, i'm adding you in a sec
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
15:07:57, 12/05/13 0
hahah can i go in the mercenary squad too :)

PS. there are few active citizens and countries, so i don't expect any hiring soon :D
z78sabjan 93 Unread
07:14:02, 12/05/13 0
lol :DDD i didn't take that into account, hopefully that will be addressed by then, besides i don't expect too much, but who knows? worth a try
jany 89 Unread
07:09:56, 12/05/13 0
you will not get CS because it is bugged:). There is only 1 solution: Hungary will hire you:)

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