Which one you can agree of? 39 votes

! WANT WAR 18 0

as the title says, plus fuck the votes and subscriptions for now[/b]

just hear what i'm saying:

not gonna explain why, if you know then i don't have to[/b], if you don't then i don't care

purely one reason i'm writing here, to express my disappointment and be the rebel who can be hated,

so blow your nose and prepare

Leodagan 12 Unread
20:52:37, 22/05/13 0
@Metralla Well, taking the example of France, we have some cash, that I assume has been accumulated through months or years, but we don't have any earnings at the moment. So it seems logical that we invest the cash we have in companies that will bring some of it back. And only then, when we have steady returns, we may think of a budget for wars.
I don't have much experience yet, so I cannot even come up with any solution but once I have created a good environment for business in France I will definitely start a war if I find a decent enemy (because if you know before it's started that you are going to lose or win it's no more fun, but hopefully we can balance it with alliances).
z78sabjan 93 Unread
18:33:19, 22/05/13 0
Metralla 93 Unread
16:16:05, 22/05/13 0
Leodagan I suppose medics cannot heal without medicines, can they? The problem for a lot of players is not the supplies, we have plenty of weapons. The "problem" is that a war is very costy in vbux. Hellas can make 1+vbux per day at least, so we can open one battle per 10 days and not to use tanks/jets. Of course from other aspects this is not a problem, but as I see it, people are not willing to spend vbux collected through...years(?) in a boredome war without real reason-target-objective cause. They save it for the day that a real war will break out. How this war will break out? I cannot give magic solutions, but I have proposed many, but MANY things. Till now the most exciting wars were due to RL reasons, unfortunately, but it is a good motive for players, especially new players.
Leodagan 12 Unread
10:05:00, 22/05/13 0
Can we make a war without weapons and all stuff, just bare handed ? (like rugby^^) How much would it cost ?
z78sabjan 93 Unread
20:12:36, 21/05/13 0
:) we got everything for rent, lack of buyers
Metralla 93 Unread
19:39:24, 21/05/13 0
If anyone is still reading an "old" arictle like this and thinks about war. I offer serious and guaranteed advises to organise and win or lose, depending on what you want, a military campaign.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
19:31:01, 21/05/13 0
wicked, got quiet again
Thore 72 Unread
17:59:05, 21/05/13 0
I had to take a break, but I am back.

The Thore Doctrine is now being enforced!
Just looking for the first vict- I mean target...
ishabad 20 Unread
20:34:41, 11/05/13 0
ahh ok
I took that the wrong way

I know that the brit um his name starts with a J is in India
z78sabjan 93 Unread
17:02:04, 11/05/13 0
ishabad hope not, i just meant i don't hear about them nowadays
ishabad 20 Unread
16:56:24, 11/05/13 0
Phillip is "gone" too?
Amaith 58 Unread
15:18:53, 11/05/13 0
Xavier Darkmyre HA, YOU LITTLE COWARD! You wouldnt dare to declare war on USA. That shows how weak you are!!
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z78sabjan 93 Unread
04:12:44, 11/05/13 0
of course not, except if attacking Australia counts as one ;)
Darkmyre 87 Unread
04:04:51, 11/05/13 0
Eventually someone will decide to declare war rather than just say we need war. Unless you're wanting admin-led wars?
joao97 68 Unread
20:04:33, 10/05/13 0
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
19:53:36, 10/05/13 0
Totally agree with Massino, the game became very boring, lets make some total war and get out of here :)
(Last Edited 19:54:08, 10/05/13)
z78sabjan 93 Unread
19:50:34, 10/05/13 0
noo man you've just missed it, he's right there next to Philip Solo o7
Metralla 93 Unread
19:34:23, 10/05/13 0
What happened to Flea? he stopped playing again?
Mr. X 84 Unread
19:32:02, 10/05/13 0
Mr. X has been left out of the list of old fags!??? :O
No vote, remove sub! :P :D
He is dead too - you know :D
ishabad 20 Unread
18:38:34, 10/05/13 0
Massino its all good and damn I agree he is hot af
Metralla 93 Unread
16:40:17, 10/05/13 0
Slow development is a battle of patience. Eventually slowly slowly, but slowly, the game will be developed. Nobody likes this situation but we cannot make a war just for that, it is not only pointless but gives wrong impressions. Of course If someone wants he is free to start.
I doubt we have any woman in this game....I mean out of Hellas.
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Maguilao 89 Unread
16:37:17, 10/05/13 0
Massino is hotter than I thought.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
08:37:09, 10/05/13 0
yeah man i like to think that myself :D this is a nice piece isn't it? though she seems risky judging by the age, but you know if someone is advertising herself like this then i like to think she knows what she's doing
darki 89 Unread
07:18:51, 10/05/13 0
''....did you unlike my photos, so i'm gonna upload a new one of ME..''

Massino and so in your comment it is your personal photo? I'll be honest, you look very good
z78sabjan 93 Unread
04:40:33, 10/05/13 0
shame on you thiago!! perhaps you were angry with me at some point and revoked the subscription, but thank god you didn't remove me from your facebook and twitter profile, nor did you unlike my photos, so i'm gonna upload a new one of ME

btw i don't like what i hear about these guys, i thought they're just quiet like me nowadays, but fuck that, hope to see them again in a year, hopefully didn't leave forever
and i didn't know about Fleaflicker, i feel very bad about that. as you said already,
rest in peace
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Thiago Santiago 84 Unread
01:28:48, 10/05/13 0
Massino I wasn't subscribed to you newspaper. Weird.
ishabad 20 Unread
01:12:59, 10/05/13 0
True dat
jany 89 Unread
00:12:32, 10/05/13 0
"Congress elections are coming up on the 15th! Make sure to nominate if you're interested in running."

The best joke since the last month election:))
ishabad 20 Unread
23:46:54, 09/05/13 0
mantle quit
Fleaflicker died. R.I.P
Duststorm went inactive
yeah thats right I called
z78sabjan 93 Unread
22:59:07, 09/05/13 0
unbelievable! 2nd winner. you're gonna have some pacific ocean island, as governor you'll decide who lives or dies

next one (and after that i'm gonna shut my mouth except if i get called by someone, because it seems no one has the balls to tell me to actually do it :P )
Biggles 87 Unread
22:56:39, 09/05/13 0
We need someone to instigate...

To hell with the queen!
z78sabjan 93 Unread
22:42:16, 09/05/13 0
WOOOOOOW! first voice echoes like a shout in a cave where no man has been since centuries!

WICKED!! Veszpremi you and i will make history in vnations, i can sense it. don't know what and how, but i'm sure.

next one
Veszpremi 61 Unread
22:39:34, 09/05/13 0
come on! ;)
z78sabjan 93 Unread
22:32:00, 09/05/13 0
where are the ancient and well known voices of the game? i hear everyone less and less. you see it doesn't matter if i hate your guts or i like you as friend as much as it's possible through simple online-time together, i still wanna see and hear you.

where is
artificial electronico
aryan fighter
philip solo
Mr. X
chuck norris

what the fuck? not to mention XAVIER DARKMYRE (and all the rest who i didn't include in the list here and now, don't expect me to look it up, just hate or love me for it PLEASE!!, because the point of what i'm trying to say is way beyond that)

i see less and less ponies (i never liked them but it's just what it is, part of the game isn't it), or patriotic american billboards and speeches, or greek lecture about running the economy the right way, or hate-speeches against me or the cruel idea of having fun through destroying others experience,

most of the times if there is any disputes at all i'm one of the two sides, but even that is getting really rare nowadays. this is the worst you can do to me guys since i'm obliged to stay here till the very end and i intend to do that whatever happens, so if you strip me of even these basic needs then my time here will be more boring and meaningless than ever. or should i have to get really rude and disgusting to make you at least tell me to fuck off? ;)
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