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When I set up our Party, it was with the intention of, one day, being able to put a slate up for election, with the view that the Party with the most elected Candidates would make up the Government.

We all know what has happened since then, indeed I myself have been gone for periods of time (I'm a serving, soon to be ex, soldier). Whilst i have been away, the Party has been kept going by my good friend Æðlestan.

He has been steadfast in retaining the Party, it's core values.. it's actual presence.. to the point that when I would come back, he would immediately transfer the Leadership of the Party to myself, something I asked him to stop doing. Whilst I may have started the Party, he kept it living, and has my backing as Party Leader for as long as he desires.

So, we are now a country without a Government, and elections are a wee while off... we have time to prepare. I have asked to be put forward as our Party's nomination for President, I hope and trust you will support me in this aspiration. However, that election is even longer away, and so we need to concentrate on getting elected to Parliament.

Will you stand?

Are you prepared to take a place in Government?

We need to take our Country back friends, and we can set the agenda, restore solid foundations, and then build upon them for the future.

Will you be a part of it?
I hope so

All the very best,

King of Ulster
Citizen of the United Kingdoms

Ulaidian 35 Unread
11:02:37, 02/05/13 0
Not sure what happened.. was a new Party Leader elected? Or did it just 'not work' again?

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