Official Statement of the vBulgarian President about the Cz-De conflict. 18 4

After the initial conflict between both sides, I've received PMs for help from either of them, which was replied to with - vBulgaria is an ally to both and WILL NOT participate in their matters.

Non the less there have been solo cases of bulgarian players participating in some of their battles being simpatizants of either side or just looking for FA pool and CXP.

This led to opposing moods in the vBulgarian community and even some of the ministers of the current government were seen to take sides in the conflict, which made me drop two ministers(they were sent to Siberia to dig in zinc mines). In the current state of the game this is against vBulgaria as a state and the if this conflict lasts the split in the vBulgarian community It is something I will not allow.


As of today vBulgaria changes it's diplomatic status to both sides with - Neutral.

Michalion 64 Unread
14:34:53, 20/09/12 0
Love and ponies are all you need silly!

Anansi 51 Unread
19:09:18, 19/09/12 0

hatred and wars=good
love and ponies=bad

z78sabjan 93 Unread
12:49:59, 19/09/12 0
agreed, let's make hatred & wars :)
Black Sun 27 Unread
09:46:36, 19/09/12 0
so many comments here. That's what this game needs: fury :))
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
05:37:11, 18/09/12 0
this is my last comment here. We made a lot of spam, and personally i'm sorry for that. I was just upset after the lost battle. I understand that darki did a good thing declaring neutrality of his country. The timing was very bad for us (after SirDude did 1500k damage and before our friends to give the final blow. That's all. Too bad for us. Again, darki...sorry for the spam....and alles gute! ;)
SirDude 72 Unread
04:52:18, 18/09/12 0
And here.. I Start drinking.

@sbau I fought for my old pal sbau, not against my other pal Mercedes_Benz.

If anyone can see if I've even been in the government for the last 6 months, he wouldn't be mentioning me. I'm strongly self-sustained player and I do not need a goverment to tell me my causes, even tho I accept my President's decision and act according to it.

vBulgaria was in the same situation in battle numero uno - Bulgaria vs vWorld and FUN, because Hellas spammed with a similar article. That's the reason to support Germany.

At the same time CZ and sbau in particular are considered friends and allies - that's the bigger cause and that's why I took their side in the conflict. My regards to Metralla for again mentioning his politics.

End of vDrinking.
Start of RL Drinking.
greekcaptain 85 Unread
21:50:29, 17/09/12 0
with my comments i was reffering to you and not to bulgarian can have any opinion you want about the war and choose side,but in my opinion hellas did nothing in particular to be mentioned and critisised..that's why i analysed our stance so everything is clear.anyway i dont believe anything else needs to be said so i stop here too.
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
21:21:42, 17/09/12 0
Look I don't need to give any official explanations to anyone. I said why I personally entered this war. I'm no longer part of the government and I'm not the president of the country, so I don't need to hear why Greece entered this war. In my point of view vGermany was offended via an article and the regions that should be under their protection are being taken away from them. That's final. Currently I can not participate in any active way to help their cause.

I think the spam should end here, our president informed the world about the actions of the government... right or wrong, that depends on your point of view.
The end!
sbau 61 Unread
21:16:01, 17/09/12 0
So... I see interessant comments here...

Aryan fighter.. There was no vbx for the Usti nad Labem battle, that's why.
But Usti nad Labem is a czech original region and Austroslavia will one day take it back - that's 1 sure thing...

other thing: Sirdude helped Austroslavia only because bulgarian citizens helped Germany in other battles (ehmmm... Mercedes_Benz?)

and one more thing: Metralla, greekcaptain and other allies, thanks..
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
19:18:53, 17/09/12 0
I don't want to talk here about austrian problem. I'd like to talk about Usti nad Labem. pboda.....are you serious when you say that you want Usti ''back''? Because we didn't take Usti from you.....we took Usti from Aliens. And Usti was so important for you that it bacame THE ONLY ALIEN ORIGINAL REGION ON THE ENTIRE EARTH. We spent money for this battle. And we won. Did someone from Czechoslovakia fight against the aliens in the battle of Usti nad Labem. No way....And now...OUPS!...''Mamy....we want Usti baaaaack!!!''. Be serious, man
greekcaptain 85 Unread
16:34:12, 17/09/12 0
@Mercedes_Benz As metralla said we just help an ally.And as i mentioned earlier, we have nothing with germany..we just aren't allies.We are helping Austroslavia, not fighting against your allies..if there was a war between Hungary and USA and we helped our allies and you would do the same for yours ,you would said tha vHellas is fighting against your allies?my point is that there is no logic to that..Finally, you say that you thought noone would involve to this war and because greece did you should do the same to help germany.About that now,first you are allied to both countries,what you wish to do is not my bussiness and thats why this article is written for afterall.But in a war,allies are supposed to help...and greece is not the only country that helped either countries.. So i dont see the reason to specifically mention us.About attacking to german regions,i said that we will not help in such a situtation just defend current Austroslavian regions till a solution is found.Your stance in this war its again not my bussiness and in any situation i dont understand why our stance should affect yours...
pboda 19 Unread
16:31:59, 17/09/12 0
as sbau already told: if there are RL Austrian who dont agree with Austroslavia, they can enter in Austroslavian politics and negociate a transfer of regions to Germany.
Austroslavia is a democratic peaceful country, and this war is for us more than a war for regions. It's a conflict about ideals. And we will never let the democracy lose, we prefer be erased from the map.

The only solution is that germany give back Upper Austria, Salzburg and Usti nad Labem. After that, RL Austrian players can go in Austroslavian politics and negociate a new map.
Metralla 93 Unread
15:12:14, 17/09/12 0
Hellas defends an ally of Bulgaria.
You involve in this war only because Hellas helps your ally to defend its regions, am I the only one that sees some lack of reason?

Aryan fighter 59 Unread
15:10:30, 17/09/12 0
Returning tu serious business, i'd like to ask some questions.
1) ''It appears in light of recent statements that all nations of the world are going to have to re-evaluate their diplomatic relations with the vGermans.''
Well.......all the nations of the vWorld are free to evaluate and re-evaluate their diplomatic relations with us anytime. But my question is...WHY IN THE LIGHT OF RECENT STATEMENTS? Which statements exactly?
2) ''I relish the opportunity to get some vengeance upon the vGermans''
Oups.......''why'' is a normal question...maybe too normal Video Jack. But i would ask you another question: Do u want to get your vengeance upon ALL vGermans.....only some of them.....or there are some particular vGermans that you don't like? Should i be happy because in the vworld there are no vknives? :))
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
14:55:17, 17/09/12 0
Is there a greek invasion here? :))
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
14:54:47, 17/09/12 0
Ok perhaps I haven't stated my point of view... In my eye Greece fights against vBulgarian ally - Germany, it was necessary to even the scales, so I supported the Germans. I thought no one would get involved in this war, then I saw Greece... well ok they are your allies go on and help them, but should the fight get to the German regions I will ask for reconsideration of our stance in this war.
greekcaptain 85 Unread
14:44:36, 17/09/12 0
@darki you are right,my expression was not the best apropriate and i apologise for that,
but as you see from my comments i reply to Mercedes_Benz
Metralla 93 Unread
14:35:24, 17/09/12 0
you misunderstood greekcaptain.

reply to this article=leave a comment.
He didn't comment the article but a comment below the article but there is no button, "reply to this comment":P
Metralla 93 Unread
14:33:16, 17/09/12 0
It seems like a wise decision for the Bulgarian authorities to stay neutral since things are not clear for them.
About Hellas, I agree with the commander of the army(and not only) greekcaptain.
Honestly I am a bit shocked from Mercedes_Benz reaction.
1-Germany started an unprovoked attack suddenly against Chehoslovakia(currently Austroslavia).
2-Most, If not all, countries have "colonies", especially over deadlands.
3-An ally was attacked, so we defend him like we always do with our allies.

In case that some RL Austrians entered the game and became vGermans and they want ex-vAustria to be part of vGermany then:
Afaik they didn't try to announce it and deal with it diplomatically but they took action.
Moreover we do not care and we do not really know about their RL nationality, they choose to play as vGermans.

Mercedes_Benz I would liked to have a better explanation why you dislike the help of Hellas in favor of Austroslavia please.
darki 89 Unread
14:28:58, 17/09/12 0
[email protected] '' ... i just reply to this article only because you refer to Hellas...''

tell me where you saw those words ''Hellas'' in the article?
greekcaptain 85 Unread
12:42:14, 17/09/12 0
And finally about this "'I saw that Greece which was occupied by Hungary and Bulgaria, now helps Austroslavia with full force...
to me this is unacceptable.""
is unacceptable what???to help the country that defends, protect their regions??because until now these regions were legitimate to them(these regions were not occupied like the greek ones),what is going to happen with these regions now and another subject and as i said i am in favor of a solution for both countries!!!
so about unacceptable, your last comment about Hellas is unacceptable to be said from someone whos country have occupied Hellas for several months in the past and again attacked us recently.
greekcaptain 85 Unread
12:35:55, 17/09/12 0
hello,i just reply to this article only because you refer to Hellas.First of all Hellas helps Austroslavia cause we have an alliance with them and not with Germany.This is just in have alliance with some countries and not with some others..we don not consider Germany as an enemy as we had never had with them any diplomatic relations or attacks with each other etc.So i consider ourselves neutral to them.But since of our alliance with Austroslavia, we are trying to help them in this war.Also about full force that was mentioned..we help in the battles when we can and there are not other important alliance battles of can see the damages we have made for us and for our allies battles last days...About the specific war also..if i am not wrong,Germany is the one who started it for taking regions of Austria which currently belong to Austroslavia cause ther are many austrians in germany etc..I cannot say an opinion about this issue specifically, cause i have no knowledge for the validity of both sides arguements about austrian regions...thats why i am in favor of a peace agreement of both sides and a solution to the problem as i have said to sbau...until something like that happens,Hellas will try to help defend-take back current Austroslavian regions until a solution is found and dont participate in attacking battles against german regions and that is all.So Mercedes_Benz you should know things better before express an opinion having no idea about what is going on...
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
05:16:12, 17/09/12 0
I don't see a reason why should anyone reconsider their stance with Germany, when we went to war against Turkey or Greece no one changed their mind against us... so why should Germany be different ?? History should stay out of the game, the Germans are at war against some re-named and so called unifying nation, that divides the German speaking community! At first all were neutral to this conflict, but I for one took side when I saw that Greece which was occupied by Hungary and Bulgaria, now helps Austroslavia with full force...
to me this is unacceptable.
Video Jack 79 Unread
22:45:35, 16/09/12 0
I agree with the Bulgarian decision to remain neutral in the conflict. It matches my personal decision not to get involved, although I base my choice on the moral ambiguity of the situation. It appears in light of recent statements that all nations of the world are going to have to re-evaluate their diplomatic relations with the vGermans. Now having been a vLuxembourg citizen, I relish the opportunity to get some vengeance upon the vGermans but I can wait until such vengeance is sanctioned by my present nationality.
darki 89 Unread
17:57:03, 16/09/12 0
Aryan [email protected]

this was likely before to change the diplomatic status, Now none of the vBulgarian players can not participate in the battle between you and Cz
Aryan fighter 59 Unread
17:25:05, 16/09/12 0
after Sir Dude did 1,526,967.54 points damage against's a little too late. Nice neutrality.....
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
16:34:48, 16/09/12 0
I feel disappointed with this decision, especially since I could have turned the last battle...I could have resigned at any time, but perhaps this was the right decision to prevent Bulgaria from being divided.
z78sabjan 93 Unread
13:48:25, 16/09/12 0
neuroM 88 Unread
13:24:36, 16/09/12 0
"they were sent to Siberia to dig in zinc mines" lol, epic x)

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