Peace Treaty Between vBulgaria and vTurkey 9 1

The peace treaty between vBulgaria and vTurkey is as follows :

1. vTurkey will pay 1000 BGN as war compensation after first 3 months..
2. vBulgaria will give back the regions : Marmara, Aegean, Makkah, Al-Hasakah, Ar-Raqqah.
3. vBulgaria will keep the regions : Central Anatolia, Blacksea region, Meditarrenean Region, Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia.
4. This treaty will last at least 9 months.
5. After 3 months vTurkey will be able to start negotiations about returning 2 other regions.
6. After signing a peace agreement diplomatic stance between vBulgaria and vTurkey will be Trade Sanctions(or Travel Restrictions) to prevent the possible activation of beacon on both sides.
7. For 9 months vТurkey is not allowed to merge with another country, or sell/give region to another country.

the same treaty in the forum,12609.0.html

darki President of vBulgaria

Duststorm 46 Unread
08:04:21, 23/08/12 0

gogoretti 37 Unread
22:51:57, 22/08/12 0
our wrath,
Bulgarian war machine is invincible ..
You watch to much American movie kiddo. Someone needs to talk to your parents about that
z78sabjan 93 Unread
09:11:08, 21/08/12 0
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
06:54:01, 21/08/12 0
Didn't you wrote a ticket to Xav to delete your account or what? What are you doing here again trolling our press ? If you seek our wrath, you can get it ... you already saw that the Bulgarian war machine is invincible ...

gogoretti 37 Unread
18:57:03, 19/08/12 0
I will wait to return the game until those mentioned regions given back. right now only two returned.
my companies are still in work no market nothing.
bloody bulgarians you really know how to spoil a game. but still you are very smart for 10 year old's though
Mercedes_Benz 80 Unread
06:00:45, 14/08/12 0
Пресиян, нормално е да им дадем нещо... друг е въпроса, че трябва да започнем нова война, но за нея както ясно се вижда липсва желание и средства... следователно се радваме на каквото имаме и това е...
darki 89 Unread
04:05:29, 14/08/12 0
[email protected]

днес ще гледам да пусна статия в българската медия и ще пиша
Presiqn 51 Unread
22:08:48, 13/08/12 0
И защо сключваме мир? Другите нации са се разпрострели из целия свят ние сключваме мир.
MajereXX 61 Unread
14:33:37, 13/08/12 0

By this treaty, I ask all citizens around the vworld to fight (vTurkey allies) or not fight (vBulgaria aliies) in the battles to be opened according to the agreement we have.

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