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    Updates Military Training has now been added to the Action Point system. Military training now requires 20 AP. More Dark Mode theme improvements by @Zoltan. Added a new Purchase Orders tab to the Company Manager. This tab shows purchase orders for products your active company sells. Bug Fixes Fixed UI issues with the Citizen Stats widget (top-right of each game page). You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes. If you've cleared your cache and are still seeing broken bars, scrollbar, or other UI issues, please provide a screenshot and let us know the browser you use, and your screen resolution. Fixed inconsistent database collation, which could cause error messages in some obscure circumstances. Fixed tabs not working on citizen profiles and party page. Fixed incorrect error message shown when visiting the Gym with insufficient AP to workout. Fixed Nation -> Diplomacy always showing treaties held by your citizens nation, even when viewing foreign nations. View full release
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    Updates Presidential Election results are now automatically processed shortly after polls close. There may initially still be delays of up to 24 hours as we monitor the new system for any bugs, but this should quickly be reduced to 1-2 hours max. (Before this update, election results had to be manually triggered by a dev/admin). Military Module has now been fully converted to the Action Points (AP) system. Initially, every military action will cost 1 AP per attack. Yes, this means everyone has the option of spending a full 100 AP on attacks if they choose - though this will prevent them from working or training. Quick Action buttons linked to actions that cost AP are now dynamically displayed. If you do not have sufficient AP to perform the action, the button will disapear until your AP has recovered. This will dynamically update even if you do not reload the page. Currency exchange rates are now determined by the amount of currency in circulation and the amount of VBX held in the treasury. Greatly increased the inflation cap, allowing for more realistic market effects. Added a new Instant Sale feature to the currency exchange. This feature is available for currencies valued at or below 0.001 VBX (the cost of printing currency). Currency is sold at the current exchange rate, and is always sold for VBX. Company manager now indicates the number of available purchase orders and stock on the relevant tabs. When buying resources for a company, if the company cannot afford to buy all the resources you order, it will still purchase the resources it can afford. Previously this would result in an error message, forcing the player to re-attempt the purchase. Began work on new AI NPC system. In the near future, these AI citizens will encourage activity by taking part in traditional daily tasks and consuming a small amount of products from the market. This is the first step in a transformational upgrade that will change the way the game is played. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue preventing Military industry items from being trashed. Fixed broken page displayed after filling a purchase order from the company manager. Known Issues There is a configuration issue with the new server that is causing intermittent 500/520 Server Errors (primarily while browsing the game). We are well aware of this issue, and are investigating to determine the source of the problem. If you encounter these errors, a simple refresh of your browser should successfully load the page you're trying to access. View full release
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    Updates The alert for upcoming congress election will now indicate the number of days before the election, and will display if you have successfully nominated yourself for congress. Alerts will now popup in the bottom right of the screen, rather than bottom left, as this is a more 'natural' placement for notification alerts. Added a 'Quick Actions' widget to the header to make common daily tasks easier to access again. More UI updates/improvements. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug causing the Run For Congress button to always show, even after being clicked. Fixed javascript issues introduced with the recent UI changes. Fixed missing Rest/Relax button on Housing page blocking access to this feature. Fixed users seeing their own login alert.
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    I did not see the option to reply but I do now. Thanks for solving this.
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    And perhaps a link to the forum from ingame would be nice too, like under the social dropdown in the top nav bar.
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    There seems to be an issue with these progressbars and Firefox at the moment. Not really sure why when they work perfectly in Chrome (sizing issues should even be fixed now). We're still working on it though. Edit: Looks like we found the problem, it should now be working in all browsers/screen resolution. Might need to clear browser cache if you're still seeing issues
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    Updates Pushed latest version of the new Dark Mode UI (thanks to @z78sabjan) Uprisings are now clearly indicated as such in the War Room. Old inactive accounts are no longer included in citizen searches. The dashboard/homepage now shows infrastructure projects under construction in your current region. Added a new dynamic battlefield widget to the dashboard/homepage, when you're in a region that is currently involved in a battle. Bug Fixes Fixed parts of the housing page being accessible when you don't have a house in your current region. Removed duplicated search box on search results page. Fixed broken avatars on Election Booth. Fixed several UI issues in War Room. Fixed several minor UI issues across the site. View full release
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    Whatever this is, it is annoying because I can't see half of what I look for. When I scroll down, the contents get hidden behind this. Is it Google's?
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    Hello! Some of you old players may remember me. I am Loken, former congressman from MI, USA. As well as former Sec of Defense of the USA, back around 2013/2014. I just want to start with saying, I am shocked with how many names I see that I still remember. My first question, is if anyone(regardless of nationality/vNation) has any of the basic training guides/wiki information that use to be posted on the old forums, or easily available? I do know that national programs may not want to have their info/specific training guides out there. But we also need something to inform the newer players. I know the website is getting reworked, and that's awesome! But with this reinvestment into this game, we also have to look out for the future. My second question, is how do the other regular players of the game feel about where the game is currently, and how does that contrast to the past years/hayday? I am really just looking to start a dialogue with these questions, and see whats going on with a game I haven't really played since ages ago, but am now interested in again. I have always wanted a game like this, and I do think the capability exists with vNations.
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    Dunno if its just us or what but... A few things I remember being easily available are(info wise): - a Map/infographic that showed the regions & resources, plus who controlled them. Was probably a citizen that made it, but would be a good feature. - Easy to identify corrolation between skills and military/economic output. I know that was almost common sense back in the day, but I feel like that should almost be a hover tooltip at this point, not regulated to a national guide. - An easy way for (prospective)business owners to see a resource "flowchart" so to speak. What resources are needed for what businesses to operate and generate products etc. I know some of this comes easy to the vets. But we also have to start looking towards the future.
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    éáűű edfg űáégg űdhá dfésgűh
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    Yeah I'm curious too who else is here m8
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    Updates Improved display of national currency / VBX values in the sidebar. Switched back to manual advertisement placement for the game UI, due to reported issues with Google AutoAds breaking the UI. Gym Workouts have now been added to the AP system. Each time you workout in the Gym will cost 15 AP. When attempting to fill a purchase order for a nation, if the nation does not have enough money (or the Industry budget is empty), the order will now be cancelled and the leader of the nation notified. Health/Happiness/AP bars should now update much faster when performing actions that do not fully reload the page. Removed the sidebar to make better use of screen space. UI updates are still a work in progress. Achievement and Login alerts are now displayed for all players, as the 'friends' system is being retired. Bug Fixes Removed bad code that could cause abandoned accounts (inactive for >90 days) to have their currency and companies deleted. Fixed a bug with sorting damaged infrastructures for repair, and added a Repair button to the top of the page for easier navigation. Fixed bad colour for some events making the text unreadable. Fixed military progress showing incorrectly for citizens that have reached God of War rank.
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    Updates Infrastructure will now decay by 1% each day (updating around midday gametime). This had been intended since infrastructure was added to the game, but was apparently never implemented. This decay rate will likely be updated to be more dynamic in the future. It is now possible to end a war as the defending nation, where the attacking nation no longer controls any regions. Military Commendations are now visible on citizen profiles. The dashboard now also shows the breakdown of commendations across each class, rather than just the total number of commendations earned. Working is the first action to be transitioned to the Action Point (AP) system. Each work shift will currently consume 25 AP, allowing citizens to work multiple times a day if they choose. Other actions currently consume AP, but are still limited to once per day. These will be transitioned fully to the AP system in future updates. Updated the skill multiplier for gym and military skill training to better suit the new 0-1000 skill range. Most players should notice significantly increased skill gains. Removed the Citizen Overview page, as this was displaying essentially the same information as your own citizen profile. Added a new Wallet page, showing the various currencies you currently possess. You can access your transaction log for each currency via this page. Retired the in-game private message feature, as the new community website provides a much better private message experience. API endpoints now provide data in JSON by default. XML feeds are still available by appending the feed with /xml (eg https://play.vnations.net/api/citizen/name/Darkmyre/xml). Documentation on the available endpoints will be added to the website in the near future. Removed the ability to change citizen name, email or password from the game UI. These account features should all be managed via the website from now on. This currently means citizen name changes do not have the previous VBX charge, however they can only be performed once every 30 days. This may change in the future. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug preventing wars from automatically ending where the aggressor can no longer afford the daily cost. Removed ghost stock from marketplace (appearing as 'National Stockpile' but unable to be purchased). These were not National Stockpile stocks, but bugged data from deleted companies that was being incorrectly displayed. Military Base supply feature now respects the updated inventory limits, allowing supply to soldiers with more than 50 items in their inventory. Fixed daily login rewards using outdated skill caps to determine reward possibilities. Players with skills above 250 should now again receive daily login reward bonuses. Fixed a number of issues preventing the API endpoints from being accessed.
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    It would be nice if there was % of decay displayed and most damaged structures were at the top. Searching for something that need the most repairs is tiring.
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    What about working skills? Are they still gonna be capped?
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    I just saw the lower right corner drop down menu 'Language' but there are only a several, if there is a need for translation i can help 🙂
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    After further investigation, I'm happy to announce we have a system in place to unify accounts between the new website and the existing game. Please follow the directions below, depending on whether or not you've already created an account on the new website (where you're reading this): I already created my new account: Click your name in the top-right, and select Account Settings. On the menu to the left, select Game Login Enter your game login details You can now use either method to login to the website. If you change your display name or email here, it will automatically be synced in-game. I don't have a new account yet: DO NOT sign up on the new website (or do, and then follow the steps above). Instead, LOGIN and enter your in-game login details. The system will automatically create you a synced account (you may be prompted to fill in some missing profile fields). I've never played Virtual Nations before: Click the sign up button. You will be redirected to the game UI to create your game account, which can then be used to login to the game or this website.
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    since there is already a forum at the old address, it is good to have a link to the game ,after all some of us are not developers/programmers 😂
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    @z78sabjan is working on something for the game UI too 🙂
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