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    If by marina you mean a building what you can build in coastal regions, possibly upgrade it to have some kind of effect on travelling or other features, then I'm all for it.
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    I was thinking "gifts" what you get, say you did the daily tasks which was eating, working, studying whatever. Then you get stuff like some currency, or xp, or stats, or temp bonuses or whatever then if you do the weekly shit (7 day periods), again you get stuff, more serious of course than the daily. and monthly etc. So basically reward activity
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    XP targets for levels are now algorithmic, so there is no more level cap.
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    This will be somewhat tricky since we're using Invsion for media now. But we can look at options for things like this when we have some medias 🙂
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    Achievements for logging in weekly and 1 big prize session per month Implement a virtual pet, if it is a dog, simulate finding different objects in a random time
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    We definitely need to adjust the AP as we go on, I just don't feel confident enough yet to say how. In general I'd like to see a faster game-pace, meaning that I wanna get to a point where you could do something in-game without the need to wait too much. Firstly I'd say we should get rid of thinking in 100s, the problem is that it is such a small number, we'll be forced to use fractions for some situations. Instead I think it'd better to have like 1k or 10k even, which could be permanently extended by some buildings, and temporarily extended by boosts. That said, Xav knows this too, we are at very early stages of AP and more like experimenting with it, but I feel your pain m8, I want more AP too! 🙂
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    Unfortunately we can't recover the old wiki (though that might not be as bad as it sounds, since a lot of the info would be years outdated). We have a docs section that should be accessible by anyone, and essentially function like a wiki: https://www.vnations.net/docs/ We'll add official docs when/if there is time, but Zoltan is right, a lot of it will need to be community input. Map is a whole different beast, and unfortunately isn't likely to be added anytime soon.
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    Yeah both needed, I'd really welcome a map however basic it is as well, regarding the wikipedia I'm afraid to even be able to get to it, we will have to have somewhat finalized features too. I was thinking a lot about this too, thing is I'm not sure it'd make sense to start create a tutorial now, when in a couple of month I expect radical changes in both GUI and mechanics wise. Also I think this will be more or less a community effort, if we can do a proper startup and get the game going, people will start to create the relevant sections just like we did before.
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    Not sure how feasible this will be to implement. Feedback on Invision (either the Stars system or the reactions) needs to be linked to a specific user, feedback from a discord bot would be difficult to pair to an Invision account. Will need to re-examine this once we've got some integration with Invision API working.
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