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  1. Imagine them like booster packs you could buy. Here is an example for a service: auto move to battles. Say you could buy service points, 1VBX for 10 pts. You could use the service points on any available services your country can offer (could be researched and/or upkept by the country) If your country researched the auto move to battles services and activated it, then you could simply turn it on on your profile (obviously we'd need to make something ui wise) If it's active for your citizen, then when you click on a battle, you'd be moved automatically and deployed, given that you have enough travel solutions with you. So basically services could be like helper features, making certain things easier/faster in the game. I think it could be easily introduced into our system, using mostly existing things.
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  2. currently we need 2 tickets to go and 2 to return to travel abroad , for example it is good to have t2 tickets 1to go and 1 for back also t3 - one ticket to go and return (losing 50% integrity in one direction)
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