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    As an effort to make the GUI feel more "lively", plus to be able to tell when can we expect the next AP point, show an indicator. It could be a simple tool-tip, but I'd prefer some graphical solution, for example imagine another very narrow progress bar underneath the AP which would show the remaining seconds, in it's tool-tip you'd see the exact number.
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    @Ironman's idea reminded me that it was always a debate if its good or not that countries can be deleted. To satisfy both sides, we could add a huge defense bonus (it can be calculated from the average of the last 10 battles lets say) to the capitol of every country. Then if it's under occupation, it would revolt automatically and randomly in given time periods. This way it's still possible to delete a country, but it will cost huge resources for any nation to keep it deleted. How hard, we can simply adjust.
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    Unfortunately we can't recover the old wiki (though that might not be as bad as it sounds, since a lot of the info would be years outdated). We have a docs section that should be accessible by anyone, and essentially function like a wiki: https://www.vnations.net/docs/ We'll add official docs when/if there is time, but Zoltan is right, a lot of it will need to be community input. Map is a whole different beast, and unfortunately isn't likely to be added anytime soon.
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    *Add a map, visualize the regions of each country and its limits with other countries *An official and unofficial encyclopedia, explaining each section, resource, materials, their concept and importance
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    Yeah both needed, I'd really welcome a map however basic it is as well, regarding the wikipedia I'm afraid to even be able to get to it, we will have to have somewhat finalized features too. I was thinking a lot about this too, thing is I'm not sure it'd make sense to start create a tutorial now, when in a couple of month I expect radical changes in both GUI and mechanics wise. Also I think this will be more or less a community effort, if we can do a proper startup and get the game going, people will start to create the relevant sections just like we did before.
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    idea: just like you show available sport events or battles in the top bar, show an icon when elections are live. clicking on it could show the current votes.
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