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    There seems to be an issue with these progressbars and Firefox at the moment. Not really sure why when they work perfectly in Chrome (sizing issues should even be fixed now). We're still working on it though. Edit: Looks like we found the problem, it should now be working in all browsers/screen resolution. Might need to clear browser cache if you're still seeing issues
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    Updates Pushed latest version of the new Dark Mode UI (thanks to @z78sabjan) Uprisings are now clearly indicated as such in the War Room. Old inactive accounts are no longer included in citizen searches. The dashboard/homepage now shows infrastructure projects under construction in your current region. Added a new dynamic battlefield widget to the dashboard/homepage, when you're in a region that is currently involved in a battle. Bug Fixes Fixed parts of the housing page being accessible when you don't have a house in your current region. Removed duplicated search box on search results page. Fixed broken avatars on Election Booth. Fixed several UI issues in War Room. Fixed several minor UI issues across the site. View full release
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