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    Updates The alert for upcoming congress election will now indicate the number of days before the election, and will display if you have successfully nominated yourself for congress. Alerts will now popup in the bottom right of the screen, rather than bottom left, as this is a more 'natural' placement for notification alerts. Added a 'Quick Actions' widget to the header to make common daily tasks easier to access again. More UI updates/improvements. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug causing the Run For Congress button to always show, even after being clicked. Fixed javascript issues introduced with the recent UI changes. Fixed missing Rest/Relax button on Housing page blocking access to this feature. Fixed users seeing their own login alert.
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    éáűű edfg űáégg űdhá dfésgűh
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    Yeah I'm curious too who else is here m8
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    Updates Improved display of national currency / VBX values in the sidebar. Switched back to manual advertisement placement for the game UI, due to reported issues with Google AutoAds breaking the UI. Gym Workouts have now been added to the AP system. Each time you workout in the Gym will cost 15 AP. When attempting to fill a purchase order for a nation, if the nation does not have enough money (or the Industry budget is empty), the order will now be cancelled and the leader of the nation notified. Health/Happiness/AP bars should now update much faster when performing actions that do not fully reload the page. Removed the sidebar to make better use of screen space. UI updates are still a work in progress. Achievement and Login alerts are now displayed for all players, as the 'friends' system is being retired. Bug Fixes Removed bad code that could cause abandoned accounts (inactive for >90 days) to have their currency and companies deleted. Fixed a bug with sorting damaged infrastructures for repair, and added a Repair button to the top of the page for easier navigation. Fixed bad colour for some events making the text unreadable. Fixed military progress showing incorrectly for citizens that have reached God of War rank.
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