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    Updates Infrastructure will now decay by 1% each day (updating around midday gametime). This had been intended since infrastructure was added to the game, but was apparently never implemented. This decay rate will likely be updated to be more dynamic in the future. It is now possible to end a war as the defending nation, where the attacking nation no longer controls any regions. Military Commendations are now visible on citizen profiles. The dashboard now also shows the breakdown of commendations across each class, rather than just the total number of commendations earned. Working is the first action to be transitioned to the Action Point (AP) system. Each work shift will currently consume 25 AP, allowing citizens to work multiple times a day if they choose. Other actions currently consume AP, but are still limited to once per day. These will be transitioned fully to the AP system in future updates. Updated the skill multiplier for gym and military skill training to better suit the new 0-1000 skill range. Most players should notice significantly increased skill gains. Removed the Citizen Overview page, as this was displaying essentially the same information as your own citizen profile. Added a new Wallet page, showing the various currencies you currently possess. You can access your transaction log for each currency via this page. Retired the in-game private message feature, as the new community website provides a much better private message experience. API endpoints now provide data in JSON by default. XML feeds are still available by appending the feed with /xml (eg https://play.vnations.net/api/citizen/name/Darkmyre/xml). Documentation on the available endpoints will be added to the website in the near future. Removed the ability to change citizen name, email or password from the game UI. These account features should all be managed via the website from now on. This currently means citizen name changes do not have the previous VBX charge, however they can only be performed once every 30 days. This may change in the future. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug preventing wars from automatically ending where the aggressor can no longer afford the daily cost. Removed ghost stock from marketplace (appearing as 'National Stockpile' but unable to be purchased). These were not National Stockpile stocks, but bugged data from deleted companies that was being incorrectly displayed. Military Base supply feature now respects the updated inventory limits, allowing supply to soldiers with more than 50 items in their inventory. Fixed daily login rewards using outdated skill caps to determine reward possibilities. Players with skills above 250 should now again receive daily login reward bonuses. Fixed a number of issues preventing the API endpoints from being accessed.
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    It would be nice if there was % of decay displayed and most damaged structures were at the top. Searching for something that need the most repairs is tiring.
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