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    The citizen endpoint allows retrieval of citizen information, similar to that available in a players public profile. You can request citizen data either by name, or by citizen id, by making a GET request to the relevant URL as follows:





    You will receive the following JSON object on a successful request:

    {"id":"2","gender":"male","building":"7.975","gathering":"15.140","manufacturing":"12.340","service":"5.650","citizenship":"USA","residence":"USA","region":"Missouri","health":"94.000","happy":"90.0","athletics":"29.80","intelligence":"154.59","speed":"452.14","stamina":"35.96","strength":"502.88","combat":"301.57","marksmanship":"30.613","firstaid":"115.826","navigation":"300.000","tactics":"301.386","xp":"6516","level":"41","networth":"0.00","last_login":"1596544199","birth":"1251008570","milrank":"19","achieves":"88","avatar":"https:\/\/www.gravatar.com\/avatar\/f77f0cd16ea1df015d542f48795546cd?s=80&d=mm&r=g","party_name":"American Military Party","cxp":"2343572.8053","citizen_name":"Darkmyre","vote_congress":"1594820788","vote_party":"1551424755","vote_president":"1595252420"}

    If there is an error with your request, you will receive the following JSON, with the nature of the error indicated in message:

    {"status":"error","message":"citizen does not exist","time":"04-08-2020 23:02:17"}

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