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One click counts two clicks

  • Confirmed

Everytime clicking on some game action like "work", "train", "eat", "relax", etc. the game counts the click twice.

Examples: instead of using one T3 food gaining 3 health point you eat 2 T3 food and gain 3 + how much ever left. Or you train at gym your strength, it is automatically trained twice. You do not get a message, but you can see it on your action points left.

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Ok, it's confirmed by @Dirty Harrythat under firefox some clicks counts double, here is a shot:

He also says that the 403error is back under Chrome and Edge, the site is unreachable, but weirdly he can reach it from ff.

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I've disabled a number of older javascript imports we're no longer using, which may resolve this issue.

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Still seeing reports/evidence of this happening sometimes. Still unable to reproduce the issue or find any potential causes.

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